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  1. I appreciate all the reply's guys
  2. lol no it gets worse unfortunately, we have tried taking all the wheels off and putting them back on. When i try to drive its hard to control and i feel like ill prob crash or car will going flying into the o zone layer. Wasn't sure if anyone else has had these problems so figured id ask
  3. So this is the 2nd time this has happened to me, I don't know if there is someway to fix this issue, I have looked through YouTube and google and tried the logging out with tire trick but didn't seem to do anything. We were about to head south to the civilian trader and are car started shaking and going crazy. We live in the far north so its kind of putting a wrench in are rp plans to head to trader for at will take us to long to travel on foot. If anyone has any things we can try to fix this problem that would be amazing. Thanks https://clips.twitch.tv/HonestSaltySlothDendiFace-Ona-mAJB1
  4. That worked thanks so much for the quick response
  5. Hello, my name is Omni, This will be my second time on an Rp server. My first was on an organic and hardly no one rped and I felt kind of in a weird spot about it. So I cant wait to jump in and meet all you fellow survivors and see where my journey goes!
  6. So I went to join the server and it jumped me straight into the game with out letting me create my character with the name survivor. So it kicked me and when i changed my name to my character name it still keeps kicking me. Not sure what the problem here is. Any help would be much appreciated. The name isn't misspelled either. Thanks
  7. I came from America to go on a hunting trip with my older brother. When we were in Chernarus all hell broke loose and we found ourselves stuck right in the middle of it. We didn't honestly find out what was going on till a few weeks after it all went to shit since we were out in the woods hunting bucks at the time. Phones were down and there was no way for us to communicate back to our family, not that we had much family to begin with. Are father and mother were back in America and I honestly haven't talked to them in years. But i sure wish i could talk to them now. Crazy how much you miss som
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