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  1. On another server, but it was still hilarious. "guns are down, oh shit"
  2. Youth At age 7, Gazzy started getting into football, he was naturally athletic and was the one of the more popular kids when he went to school because how fact he could run, at age 10, his whole attitude changed, he was an aspiring footballer, but he started talking back, and the kids he was friends with started copying. 14, He was at the start of his second year in school - kicked out for taking a knife to a teacher. This action led him through prevention schemes, but this just fucked him up more. Getting older After starting to understand life a little more through some wisdom
  3. how people be talkin

  4. thanks to @judge and his RP, really made my character feel loved.
  5. how’s the child ?

    1. Aisling


      he gucci

  6. ran out of beans for the day thank you guys, all
  7. ben imma give you a cuddle lil bro see you soon brotha thanks
  8. was wondering when you would FINALLY say your piece for me All jokes aside cheers vro
  9. ya honestly here is the move for sure, hopefully we can work on getting a few more in too. see u tonight BIG BOY
  10. DO NOT CALL ME BY THAT YOU KNOW THIS LOL hopefully i’m whitelisted by tonight, welcome back to you too
  11. Yo, long time no see DayZRP. Honestly I didn’t think I’d have the chance to be here again, but here I am. A lot of you might remember me as RyanOG, quite frankly that makes me kinda cringe but . Anything that happened in the past I would like to hope that there are no grudges held, if so pop a dm to me here. We can settle whatever. I hope to spend weekends nd days off here, and here for a good time and only that. So see you lot soon, just waiting for my whitelist to be accepted
  12. After serving a few years in the doghouse for defending himself after an attempted robbery, Charlie found himself out free and to his surprise his parents passed, looking up to beau as a way to better himself and improve his working ethic in the family business, and trying to steer clear of trouble, Beau suggested to the family a long road trip from the west to eastern europe, a long expensive journey from their parents inheritance, it would be a way to bring the family together and create lifelong memories, when hitting Southern Zagoria, the brothers are told that they cannot further their jo
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