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  1. So i was woundering if it would be possible to ether add a clothing vendor or adding clothes to the civ trader, partly becaus of rp reasons if you are wearing the same outfit its easyer recognize ppl and ofc the most important reason if you arent killing the infected with style whats the point of killing them at all realy
  2. Alexander Stahl was born in Stockholm Sweden and raised by his single mother Elisabet Stahl. He was raised in what in Sweden is considered lower class but in most other countries would be conisderd middleclass. Alexander had a rather good upbringing with no major insidents, but was a verry active child that played ruggby and weight training. When he turned 18 he was drafted into the swedish military service in the coastal hunters. After that he became a officer in SSG a specal commando that works inside and outside the swedish border as a operator. But since he is getting older i started worki
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