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  1. This is amazing man, great job. It's hard to describe how useful and life-saving these tips are.
  2. Ooh I ran into a stash today and was about to search how to make them, because they seem very effective. Thanks for the tip
  3. It didn't get deleted, I could see the bag, I just couldn't pick it up. And thanks for the tips so far guys
  4. Ok, so I've recently run into a very known problem to me, and probably to most of you. I managed to find my first camping tent today(they seem to be rare in DayZRP), then after I found a suitable spot I set it down close to a bushy pine tree. After I looked at it from a different perspective, I realized it's more obvious than I intended it to be. I proceeded then to pack it. That's when the problems start. It's more easy to access a tent inside a bush here than in epoch, I'll tell you that. But the packed tent, instead of going to your inventory, goes to the ground. In my case, inside the bushes. It's apparently impossible to pick it up. So I was very sad and gave up playing for today because of all the wasted hard work. I ask now in this thread for tips regarding placement of camping tents and recovery of them in the case listed above. Tell me anything you know. Good and bad places to put them, forests vs open fields, where they spawn, placement strategies, everything. I'll be waiting eagerly for your kind answers
  5. Marcosgmunoz

    Sexual Harassment Discussion

    I'm kind of new here, so I thought you would like to see my point of view. Before posting any welcome thread, I browsed through the other ones to get an idea of what it should be like. Then I see this one with 10 pages and over a hundred replies, and notice it was made by a woman. After I read some of the replies, I realized they were mostly joking. But my first impression really was that I was dealing with sexually frustrated adults, drooling over the opportunity to talk to someone of the opposite sex, which implied that this was a very immature community. Now, I personally think some of the jokes do go too far, but the main problem is that for a newcomer it might be hard to realize that they are, indeed, jokes. So yeah I don't see a problem with MOST(not all) of the replies, except that if I didn't know the sense of humor of the community I would probably be seriously dissapointed about it. If I was a girl and posted an introduction thread without looking at the others beforehand, I think I would be seriously offended about the replies I would get, and would probably leave before anyone even had the chance to explain they were joking.
  6. Hiiii Conor. You and Terra are the only ones who talked to me so far. So I assume you two are my best friends ever and vice versa now.
  7. Remember people, the 1000 replies challenge for a shirtless photo of myself is still up in my introduction thread. Until then, no pics from me
  8. who's that guy in your profile pic? I like his name.
  9. Hm... even though you seem to be a nice person, his profile says he's the janitor, and janitors always know everything about the place they work in. I don't know what to believe. ps.: What's SVR?
  10. Since you all seem to be dissapointed for some reason, I'll try to make up for the lack of boobs then 1000 replies and I'll post a shirtless photo of myself.
  11. holy bat tits that was faster than I expected
  12. Whoops false alarm. Heh. Now that I have your attention, how's it going guys? I'll tell you a bit about myself. I live in a jungle with my pet monkeys and eat bananas for breakfast. Also for lunch. And dinner. I spend my days playing soccer while dancing half naked on the street. Also everything here has big butts. Can you guess where I'm from? Yes we do have internet here before anyone asks again. And yes that was just a joke, we're not all like that(at least some of us aren't). Well I don't consider myself very "Brazilian" actually. And if you're still guessing no, I'm not a girl. I just wanted your attention for a second. Looks like it worked. You're here, aren't you? Anyway just wanted to say hi. Hi. Well I didn't actually tell you anything about myself but... maybe next time if you're lucky! See ya
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