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  1. APureGamer

    Let's all get to know each-other a lot better!

    My nephew was crying because I wouldn't let him win in Super Smash Bros. No mercy. Biggest Accomplishment?
  2. APureGamer

    Let's all get to know each-other a lot better!

    Koala Bears are awesome. Chillin all day eating leaves and taking shits from high up in a tree. The life man. What is your Dream Car?
  3. APureGamer

    Let's all get to know each-other a lot better!

    Captain Morgan and 7UP. Anyone who hasnt tried it needs to. Favorite song?
  4. APureGamer

    S1 - BadRP: 04:00-05:00AM 19/11/17 NW Airfield

    -user was cautioned for this post-
  5. 90% of the RP I find IG doesn't mention or even attempt to care about the Lore. It isn't bad RP ether. The Lore simply does not matter when the RP is based off the worlds CURRENT actions. Not the worlds PAST actions. The lore is the PAST and is where everyone's journey begins. But CURRENT actions are what everyone's RP is based off of. So make it in chernarus or dont. Makes no difference. The RP will feed off IG actions and events not what a Lore said. To sum it up I dont think having a super fleshed out Lore is important. I think events in the world drive RP and that is whats important. Nobody cares where the infection started and nobody is going to have better RP just because the Lore is written out more. People will have better RP by what happens IG and what world this community decides it wants. Does most this community just want bandit RP. Then regardless of how the Lore is written thats what the world will be like. If the Lore starts in 2017 then IG it will be vital and mentioned for a little while. A year passes and it wont matter because IG actions will fuel everyones RP and the start is just a baseline for what develops. Edit - To be completely honest the Lore is god damn worthless. Its only there to state what the threat is and why we are all stuck in one place. The threat is a virus and we are all stuck in Chernarus because the game itself doesn't allow us to leave. So we make some BS up about how we lose someone and stayed or how its not worth the risk of adventuring out and running into the same things. My favorite is the "Military will just shoot you down. Helicopters are proof." The whole World of DayzRP is based off characters actions and your backstory. The lore is just a guide and personally I think guides to anything are better when simple. If the Lore starts in 2017 ( It most likely will ) then it will be the center and guide for all RP for a little bit. Dont make it complicated make it simple and bendable. That way we can all follow the guidelines but put our own touch on it. This is my opinion.
  6. Was gonna say goodbye. But you just came back. Welcome back from the 1 day break. Hope it was awesome.
  7. APureGamer

    What mods for DayZRP (Not SA) would you like to see?

    Oh I almost forgot. BEARDS. Custom hair. New body models.
  8. In your game settings there should be render distance and you can turn it up and down. Try putting it up higher but like multiple people stated it could be all your computer can render because it's not powerful enough.
  9. I think this is a Render setting you have on. As you can see the grass isn't rendering in for you yet. But if you were to zoom in I guarantee it would pop up. Put your render distance up higher.
  10. @Erik @Tony I feel like combining both your response would be perfect. @Hebee I actually misread the first response and see where my statement was flawed. My whole point is not wanting RP to diminish because the timeline brings dumb shit with it.
  11. Im just gonna yeet the timeline rant. Thats due for another topic. @Tony Where do you suggest the Outbreak originated if not in Chernarus? I agree with you on the subject but suspect most people are going to instantly say America. Considering IG we only know the virus can be spread through being bitten or ingested. How does it travel around world without someone noticing.
  12. How did me saying "We should keep it in the 2014 timeline" turn into that response? we really just dont see eye to eye and that's not a bad thing. But I would prefer it kept in the 2014 timeline because nothing but bad things have happened in 2016-2017 and I think IG there are enough memes. I dont need to hear about Donald trump or north Korea every time I talk to someone. I dont see a reason to move the timeline and Ive yet to be given one.
  13. If it might be a problem then why give it the possibility. Its just adding another rule to the list. I dont see a reason why the Lore would come to present day. Nothing present will change how its written.
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