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  1. The rest of the video is going to be me talking to myself, as shadowplay only picked up my mic and my primary sound setting (Razer Audio Controller - Game), and not the sound my discord is ran through (Razer Audio Controller - Chat). I have a pretty clear idea of what everyone was saying, so if you need me to type that out I can.
  2. Server and location: Server 1, Zelnogorsk gas station Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 7:40, 2021-3-15 Your in game name: Spencer Moss Names of allies involved: @FallenAngel(Bryson Hancock) @MrDolly(Ester Kaska) Name of suspect/s: @Scout thomas(Kyle Nomad) Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): Friendly Gunther 2 Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Detailed description of the events: The day started when my allies and I were at Berezino, trading for building tools with one of the Berezino Bar members. Bryson met up
  3. -Early Life Spencer Moss was born in a small farmhouse in Hershey, Pennsylvania. Born around 3 other brothers, Spencer spent most of his time helping his father with the cattle and crops around the farm. Spencer planned to be a normal country boy until his family brought together enough money to buy their first home computer. After that, Spencer spent most of his time figuring out the ins and outs of the machine, and how it connected to other services across the internet. Up into his teenage years, he spent his time blowing off chores to learn about new and old technology. -Teens Spe
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