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  1. They do climb stairs now. Very well, too. There is wound infection on 0.51 now. Bandages have less of a chance to trigger that. Otherwise, it's pretty solid. Alright thank you for the update on that
  2. I think if you wait in the area a few minutes or so it should spawn but im not sure if that is true or not.
  3. So looking through the new updates soon coming to SA, other then ghille suits I noticed... cannibalism. Which brought a question to my mind that I could not find and answer to. Will this give a valid reason towards capturing and killing people for their meat? And will this be an act of treason to many across Chernarus causing people to dislike and have hostile manners towards the cannibalistic people? I want to know what some other people think about this and whether this will be a valid reason to capture and kill others.
  4. Hey guys! I wanted to post something worth while on the forums and hopefully help any of you new guys out. These (as the title suggest) is a tips and tricks guide of stuff I found useful and some do's and don'ts. So lets start of this list You can inspect a compass instead of equipping it to see the directions. Using steam's web browser instead of alt-tabbing to see the dayzdb map. When alt tabbing make sure your gun isn't ready to fire and you are not pointing at friendlies, sometimes it happens that the weapon(mostly m4) starts emptying its mag,e.g you are stuck shooting until the mag is empty. Aim for the head of the zombies when wielding melee weapons, 1 hit kill/ use the white dot in the middle of your screen to aid you//shovels are sort of inaccurate, aim higher if you want to hit the head. Binoculars have the same zoom as the mosin LRS Always take med kits, they require 4 slots, but can carry 6 items (same for protector cases) Always carry at least 2 morphine injectors, or splints ( can help out in glitchy situations in building) Pristine clothing absorbs more damage than ruined (duh) The best food is rice, because it takes up 1 slot and can be used 10 times! Rice will get you dehydrated fast! When drinking water from a water pump you can carry on drinking even after stuffed 5-10 times, don't let "stuffed" get dark though. Best melee weapon is the firefighter axe>splitting axe>farming hoe/pitchfork>pickaxe>rest If you find ammo make sure you press "empty" on it to be able to use it MAKE SURE IT'S IN YOUR INVENTORY! otherwise you will lose it! Weapon cleaning kits are not as useful as you may think, 97% or maybe more of the weapons spawn pristine, I have never had a damaged weapon, except after firefights some weapons in your clothes maybe get damaged. Ruined compasses still show the correct directions. Ruined long range scopes are still pristine when you look through them (though I don't believe they will be very accurate!) If you are new to the game use the dayzdb map to navigate (very useful!) If you handcuff an unconscious player they will be stuck with handcuffs even if you use keys (don't be an asshole to your friends) Use rags over bandages, because they stack up to 6 times and a bandage is usable only 4 times! Helmets protect the player from getting knocked out easily from punches and bullets. You can carry 2 backpacks if you have one on your shoulder and put an EMPTY one inside the other one and then put items inside the backpack that's inside your shoulder's backpack. If a clip doesn't fit in your weapon make sure it's not chambered first! Don't put items in your pants, because if you break a leg or two you ruin them and the items inside as well, what you can keep inside is food, but mine are always empty. If you are a new spawn always tear your shirt in rags in case of emergency//Do not do it immediately, because it offers armor, which prevents you from instantly bleeding from 1 zombie hit! As a fresh spawn you can make it from berezino to NWAF without food! Be careful after leaving a roof and sprinting away, you might rubber-band and run off the roof and die! Eating rotten stuff makes you sick, eat charcoal tabs after that or make sure you are energized and hydrated, you will start losing blood, but eventually you will get healthy again! If your character has broken legs and you used morphine, but it's still moaning then take painkillers. Silencers don't work yet! (but I have not tried up to date on this!) Ruined can openers/screwdrivers/knives also work for opening cans At long range, outline matters more, than color. a guy without extra layers is the hardest to spot above 400 meters. (Maybe it depends on graphic settings) You can carry 2 primary weapons by right clicking on the weapon, which is on the ground and "Take in hands", while the other one is on your shoulder! Crossbows take the slot for your main fire weapon and cannot be put in a backpack, as well as other primary weapons! Sawed off shotgun (using saw on a shotgun) can be put in your backpack! You can cut off handcuffs with a hacksaw. Don't use a defibrillator on yourself, it will knock you unconscious and slowly kill you. Epi-pens and defibs will not bring you back once you defib yourself (so don't be silly and fib your self!) Spotting players is easier to do when you aren't moving, and a moving player is easier to spot. The second part of this is a no-brainier, but the first part is a life saver. Zero the ACOG to 100meters Zeds very, very rarely climb up stairs (only if they are right behind you, I'd imagine) Zeds can't swim (but they do not die when underwater either) Zeds seem to know when you aim at them from mid-rage distances - say 30 or so meters - don't put your crosshair on them if you don't attract attention. (I'm not sure if this is still the fact though so, still keep this in mind!) The most dangerous of players are those with patience. If you're having trouble opening/closing doors, just aim slightly above the edge of the door to get the open/close icon to show up. If you find yourself walking slowly instead of normal speed when pressing w try pressing w and right clicking once and you'll go at normal speed again! Don't go swimming with any gear on. Because it will fall off. This is not a bug either, its a feature to mimic reality. ANYWAYS! Hopefully this may help some of you! If you know anything that has changed from the list I gave then I would appreciate some error fixing! Thanks for reading! P.S. I'm not sure but this may help some with the picture below!
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  6. Great post opened my eyes to better choices I could make towards situations.
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