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  1. I- It's too embarrassing.. I spi- ...I spilled chocolate milk all over it. But when I went to clean it, I knocked over a second glass of chocolate milk and then...... *sobbing* I don't think I can finish the story.
  2. *Whispers* Shh, go back to sleep..
  3. Gee willikers, that'd be swell! No foolin'?
  4. Language known: English Language wanting to learn: Russian, German, French Current skill of language wanting to learn: So far I know how to ask where the toilet is in all 3 languages. I just want to learn a few common phrases.
  5. First 10 minutes in game: A friend and I jumped off a cliff, swam to an island, took off some clothes, danced, then sat down. I already love this game.
  6. Not that my opinion in anyway matters, but.. While I'm against switching over to strictly fp, I'd be 300% on board with a week long fp event extravaganza. I don't know if that makes sense or not.. But if there were enticing events going on during said week, where everybody has a chance to be involved in what makes fp so awesome, I think a lot of those who voted no would change their stance. ...Maybe
  7. Clutch <--- Favorite band of all time right here. This Will Destroy You Murder By Death Arctic Monkeys Streetlight Manifesto
  8. SAJF

    Firearm Thread

    It's how Jerry Miculek holds it. And granted, he's best with a revolver. But being the fastest shooter of all time.. The man still commands respect with any firearm he holds.
  9. SAJF

    Firearm Thread

    W- What's wrong with holding it like that...?
  10. SAJF

    Firearm Thread

    This is relevant to my interests. So guys. Need a new rifle and I've been thinking about buying this right here for quite some time. Now, obviously the Mosin is the correct choice. However, I'm looking for something different. http://ruger.com/products/gunsiteScoutRifle/models.html I demand opinions!
  11. None yet. However I was attacked by a zombie and it seems that I now have some kind of infected wound. Dunno if I should use antibiotics or wipes or... I hope my death count stays at 0 for at least little longer.
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