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  1. Cassius Maverick was born in the coastal city of Seattle. His mother Alena Maverick, a Russian Immigrant from Chernarus, and his father John Maverick a native to Seattle Washington. He has one sibling named Alicia Maverick, who he is very protective of. Growing up in a seemingly all-American neighborhood Cassius blended well in the lower-middle class of Seattle. His mother was a nurse at the local clinic and his father was a dockworker handling freight coming in on the barges. Money was tight growing up, but the early years of his life were blissful and calm. Once he grew older Cassius noticed his parent’s relationship degrade over the years. His father drinking more and his mother going through packs of Newports every day. Then violence ensued. Holes in the walls and broken nondescripts littered the home after exhausting nights of screaming and yelling between his parents. This was his life for many years. Cassius did not realize or acknowledge the alterations in himself through this trauma. Once he turned 14 and started high school, things changed. Starting fights, stealing, drinking, and smoking became the maladaptive coping of Cassius. When he turned 16, he was arrested for Assault after getting into a fight with a kid at his school. He was adjudicated after 14 months of juvenile detention and sent to a Military Youth Academy. He spent 10 months in a strict and controlled military environment. Pushups and mud for 40 long hard weeks. In this time, he reflected on the effect he had on others and the damage he did. He did not like hurting others, but he felt powerless at the time. Cassius excelled in this controlled environment of his military school. Ranking up and receiving rewards for his efforts at this academy, Cassius graduated with honors. Now he was 18 years old, graduated from high school and his sights set on enlisting. Cassius came home to his father alone… sunk in a bottle, and a letter addressed to him from his mother. Stating that she and his younger sister are in Chernarus staying with family until his father could get his act together. Although the military was his ambition, Cassius felt like he needed to see his mother and sister. Working on the docks for the remainder of his 18th year he saved up enough money to go on a trip. Destination Chernarus… Only a few days after landing abroad chaos ensued. Whole families quarantined and the strange disease spreading. Everything shut down and infrastructure dismantled, Cassius was stranded. Feeling like an interloper with every step he took. He made it to the town of Stary Sabor, his mother’s hometown. Evading the diseased he went to the address of the home which was addressed on the letter. To find both his mother and sister with two rounds in their head… a .357 with two empty cases on the floor. His mission now, survive…
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