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  1. Operation I - Early Adolescence Jackson Rose was born at 21:00 on the 20th of April by a single mother at age 16. With no father signing the birth certificate she alone put him up for adoption. Rose grew up in inner city Chicago bouncing from foster home to foster home. During this time he was shown that the World is cold and the people that lived on it were even colder. In his early teen years struggling to find an identity he turned to dealing drugs to drag himself over the poverty line. After being convicted of selling schedule 1 drugs such as mamajuana he agreed to be placed in a rehabilitation unit across the country in California. During his hiatus he decided to better himself and turned his anger into strength through intense training. Once his time in the correctional facility had come to an end he decided to enlist in military preparatory schools, however not being able to afford the application fee he was declined. All was not lost though. During the interview process a former Lieutenant, Dan Taylor could not only see his potential but could feel the aura that surrounded him. Due to Rose's background his ability to conceal his presence was more than advanced, however his most pressing skill was his ability to be calm in the most treacherous situations. With his past there was an extremely minimal chance of being accepted into Navy, his dream college. Yet with a call made by the formal Lt. He was able to get in on the condition that a single mistake would outlaw him from being accepted into a military based college ever again. Operation II - College Life Once accepted into University the higher ranked staff quickly took notice of the natural ability Rose obtained. He was soon moved into a special class that focused on late night operations and abilities that pertained to undercover operations such as being able to control body temperature and pulse control to avoid heartbeat sensors etc. After completing the planned 3 year training in under 50 percent of the time he was immediately moved to Navy Seal training. Once surpassing most of his previous teachers at the age of only 19 his entire existence was scrubbed from the Internet and documents. [Redacted] had officially become a ghost. The military quickly knew what they had stumbled upon, a young man capable of turning the tides of war with a single suppressed bullet. Operation III - Climbing The Rank After becoming an official member of a secret battalion under the direct command of the Naval Admiral he was still in a class of his own. At the age of 22 Rose had no ranks to climb because there was only one rank that would suit him, Specter. Operation IV - The First Deployment Soon after being declared combat ready [Redacted] was shipped to Afghanistan in a platoon composed of three other men. Operation Settled Dust was simple, disrupt the figure heads of Al-Qaeda A terrorist organization plaguing the United States control over the Middle East oil industry. During this time Stories spread of the “man in black” that being Rose. From that point on he was a ghost turned legend. Any man that had seen Rose's face could never live long enough to describe it. The only intel ever accurately described of [Redacted] was his black and grey sleeve on his right arm and his calling card being his deep ocean colored eyes. Operation V - The Contract Killer Once hitting the US soil once again 6 years later the US government was no longer in control of “Jax” Rose's codename he became a contractor for every government body across the World. Traveling to developed Nations such as Australia, Norway, and Canada he became notorious for erasing some of the most dangerous and unjust people everywhere. When the “man in black” arrived time slowed, Breath stopped, and fear overcame. During this time [Redacted] learned that the only thing guaranteed, the only thing trustworthy is death. Operation VI - More than Money When learning the amount of money the United States was able to earn by capitalizing and monopolizing the ability of “Jax” he was immediately disturbed the will of others to kill. He knew that power was a breeding ground for income. He soon turned justice into a business model. Soon he was the most sought after man in the United States, that is if you could find him. Operation VII - The 20 Million Dollar Man Within the next 2 years of starting a corporation based on bringing justice to individuals destroying the very foundation the structure of society sat upon “Jax” was ordered by a Cartel in Cuba to enact revenge on a man that had taken one of the most valuable cars to date. He was told a foreign man had been ordered to steal a McLaren F1 from the auction house run from the shadows by the cartel. The intel he was given was more than enough to track him down, however when the time came Rose quickly found out this was no ordinary thief. 4 months after being contracted from the cartel, facial recognition had caught a man with a scar on his left cheek matching the only known information about the thief. “Jax” was finally on his way to receive the target but in a country that was isolated, Chernarus. Once arriving he had noticed that his target had become too comfortable with his riches buying a home in cash under a previous alias. In a mere 64 hours after moving in the target was already being watched by Jax. The man (Dimitri) was worth more alive than dead. When the clock struck 2AM Jax had made his entrance. Quickly and swiftly he had secured Dimitri, tied up and awake in a dark room he was making earth shattering eye contact with Jax. Soon they began talking and telling one another their stories and how they arrived in the same place at the same moment in time, however this conversation was more one sided with threats aimed toward Dimitri, unbeknownst to him his life being dangled on a threat was pure bluff. Operation VIII - A Contract of Fellowship After listening to Dimitri in his most vulnerable state Jax had begun to see his point of view and could see himself and his past in him, but at this point it was too late and he was required to extradite him back to the Cuban Cartel. Jax pushed Dimitri as far north as possible to make an escape. Whispers of the virus plaguing this forsaken place were no longer close to silent. Arriving at the northern border Jax noticed military roadblocks had been set, cargo ships were a thing of the past, and airports were abandoned. Upon this realization Jax knew that the thought of leaving this shit show was fleeting. This was no longer about making it out of Chernarus this was about surviving the storm that had finally peaked. Jax being a man that trusted nobody understood that this was finally a battle he could not survive on his own. From then on the man that he was sent to capture and lead to almost guaranteed death was the only person that could save him from meeting that same fate. Operation IX - Survival Already being in the north Dimitri and Jax found an abandoned farmyard. This was the most ideal camp they could find due to the plentiful resources and animals in the area. Both knew not what lied ahead. Time will be the only thing that will tell if they made the right choice to stay in the moment the country was shut down, and for the first time Jax was the man staring into the blue eyes of death.
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