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  1. Hey its your boy Om. I dont know if many people will remember me, pretty sure everyone i knew has been permabanned now or are inactive. As most people iv been getting the urge to come back and play but was hoping a few people i once knew might still be here tormenting everyone else? Probably wont stick around if everyones gone, hope thats not the case!
  2. Ominous

    Rate the Profile Background of the person above you

    reminds me of an awp lightning strike from csgo.. 8/10
  3. I believe the person was Joey Kavanagh who like Helix has said, was being trialled at the time. I had not arrived in close proximity until the second engagement which is not part of the video/report.
  4. Ominous

    [GAME] Forum Games Addiction Level (Of the person above you)

    Stupidly high, only seen you in the forum games! 10/10
  5. Who? never seen u on the forums on Ingame 2/10
  6. 6/10, nothing that stands out that much
  7. damn, my last post was on this page in 04-09-2015.. Apparently its a thing again.
  8. 404 error, person not found.. i have no idea who you are lol