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  1. PvtDefaultName

    Future of DayZRP

    Well communities and settlements make themselves if you think about it. B-17 own Cherno in the mod and that means its "Safe"(er) for them
  2. PvtDefaultName

    Future of DayZRP

    I think id be cool to see a life server with this community also
  3. Hey guys A couple weeks ago (I think?) I decided to take a break due to other important IRL reasons and also because I was quite hot headed and angry with the staff because because I got a few warning points. In all honesty I want take back everything I said, I was clearly not thinking straight at the time and I feel I may have burned a few bridges. I apologize for the inconvenience a couple weeks ago from me acting like a child and hope to make it up to everyone who may have been angry or I may have insulted somehow. But, I am back. If you see me give me a call I'd love to RP with anyone. After all that's what were here for, right? This community is amazing, if not the best and to throw away something so great would be very unfortunate. -PS- Staff, I am sorry for my incompetence; won't happen agian
  4. I think a fresh start would be the best way to go
  5. PvtDefaultName

    What is Rolle working on right now

    Im sure there someway to get A3L's stuff >:-) Just a couple texture switches here and there Move around some Code (Like I know what I'm talking about ) and bam! You legally stole their stuff That's how it works in America at least
  6. Then don't make a whole thread about something you could have changed/prevented. You could have easily made a ban appeal to remove those points, but instead you wasted time creating this thread. (You probably would have had a really good chance at getting those points removed) I did post one haha But thanks for the advice anyways
  7. Exactly why I don't like a majority of this community
  8. No hate intended, but free thinkers say what they think, even if it gets them in trouble. You probably think some very smart and logical things, but you don't say them because you'd get in trouble. Which is something many peoples parents teach them; to hold what they say, even if it may be logical.
  9. Haha knew some one was going to say that, clever of you to be the first one
  10. Sure it was in a angry tone, If your read it that way -Snip- Sorry If some people are pissed, for some reason
  11. *Didn't read other post saying warning points were a small part* I giggled Holy fuck people don't know how to read
  12. Its something I've considered for the past 3 days, Its not anger really its just a choice I've consciously made. Thank you, but the warning points are a small part of why I'm leaving for a couple weeks I got a lot of important things to do in my life right now.