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  1. as a boy, Andy grew up in a poor neighbourhood in York, England, to an immigrant family who lived paycheck to paycheck, struggling to support themselves financially; his mother worked in the local grocery store, and his father was a civil servant for a wealthy family a couple of hours away from their family home his fathers usually worked extremely long hours and often returned home drunk as every day on his way he would go to the pub to "relax" as he would say, his father was an aggressive drunk often lashing out on his family when tasks/chores weren't carried out before got home constantly getting physical with whoever minorly inconvenienced him in any shape or form, the blame usually fell on Andy as he was the only other male in the house causing him to run away at age 16, with no place to go he lived on the street for years often resorting to thievery this included burglary, pickpocketing and shoplifting he had a strict moral code of not causing any harm to his victim and would usually do anything to avoid hurting anyone
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