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  1. Diemrfly

    Free Medics Wedding

    Haha, this is great!
  2. Diemrfly

    Screen flickers [Update with videos on page 2]

    Good luck, might just be a lemon pc
  3. Gosh, I haven't thought about "the game" since back in high school days! DAMN IT!!
  4. Diemrfly

    Is dayzrp to realistic?

    I think the less realistic a game is the harder it would be to RP in it. The more realistic, the better. More real, more fun, more believable.
  5. Diemrfly

    What do you want us to improve/add?

    Hey they asked what you want added, it doesn't mean it would happen. Would be awesome if it did happen though
  6. Diemrfly

    What are your DayZRP Confessions?

    When RPing on my own I am quite terrified to bump into other players. I take it this will change when I warm up to my character more, as I've only been on the server three separate times so far, haha
  7. Diemrfly

    What do you want us to improve/add?

    That's a good one, too.
  8. Diemrfly

    What do you want us to improve/add?

    As far as in game goes, I think it would be cool if "special" or "super" zombies were added to certain areas like a lot of members have mentioned in other posts before. As well as I think adding a few other "types" of zombies to allow for a range of different experiences with each encounter with zombies. A couple random examples of zombie "types" could be something like adding a fatter zombie that is slow because of restrictions due to its weight, or adding "giant" zombies that are very tall and can cross distance quicker because of long limbs, or zombies that are found in the bays/seas with mutations from being damp. I think zombies should have a few different choices of reactions when they encounter us humans as well. For example, there could be zombies that react aggressively/agro, zombies who are passive/indifferent, or zombies who are scared away by light/cars, but are agile and hostile when you turn your back. It would be fantastic if there was a little more "unpredictable" added into encounters with zombies, and not in the glitchy sense we are all so used to in DayZ (where zombies agro where they shouldn't, and don't agro where they should.)
  9. Realistically, I don't think it would take much to take sandbags down as it is. I think adding time to it would be more of an inconvenience than of help. Sorry.
  10. Diemrfly


    I think that taking away the ability for zombies to run altogether would suck. It would be boring. I mean, sure, agro can suck too, but at least it keeps you on your toes and forces you to strategize and to decide whether or not it is "worth" looting a certain building or entering certain grounds, etc. Zombies that chase us make us careful players. - Realistic players. Come on. Let's face it: If zombies didn't chase us, we'd become lazy players. We wouldn't care if there were a lot of zombies nearby because we'd know that there would be no chance of the zombies catching up to us. We wouldn't NEED to be careful, and I think that takes away a main point of the game. Zombies wouldn't be considered a threat, and therefore there would be no challenge when it came to zombies. *Yawn* I'd perhaps suggest adding a certain "type" of zombie that is slow, rather than making ALL zombies slow. Maybe there should be a fatter zombie added whose movement is restricted by it's weight; something a bit different, but also more "realistic." I also agree with the others who posted suggestions of adding in "Super" zombies as well. Large, muscular "boss" characters that might take a whole army to take down.
  11. When you placed the tent back down was it deleted? There's a chance you deleted it when you tried to get it back out of your inventory if you couldn't pick it up again.
  12. Well I heard about the server through another member. So maybe the word is going around a bit more or something. I've introduced a couple other friends since I joined, and they have registered as well. I have heard about the increase pop up here and there since I joined, but I haven't been apart of the server long enough to know the reason, so that's all I've got, haha
  13. Would be an awesome addition, and a great way to add the real "who can you trust...really?" factor. Would add something more to being ditched or being rescued. Without the option to save someone, it doesn't really have as much of an impact than if the option was available. If a player had the choice to save someone or to leave them, I wonder what they would choose, when it came down to their character? Hmmm. Would be interesting to see played out in different situations with different characters, indeed.
  14. I'm new to roleplaying in DayZRP as well. It's natural to feel a bit strange when role-playing at first; especially if you've had no - or little - experience in role-playing before. Try not to let good role-players put you off from giving role-playing a go yourself, though. There are a lot of other players in the server that you will bump into. It might be a bit intimidating, but I guarantee you will become used to the experience, and therefore will enjoy it more when you become comfortable. Just keep in mind that there will be more experienced role-players and those who have played in the server long enough to warm up to their characters very well. Practice makes perfect, so just keep at it, practice, and you will be a great role-player as well soon enough. In game, start off by typing if you are uncomfortable using your voice. Typing is a much easier way to "get used" to how your RP character should behave, react, respond, etc. Once you have a better idea of the way your RP character is, then slowly introduce your voice as well, if even just a sentence to begin with. Good luck! Feel free to send me a PM. I am new to this as well, if you would like someone in the same sort of boat as yourself, haha. Have fun!
  15. I'm personally not a fan of tribal tattoos as they're very common and well, because of that, boring. But if tribal is something that you like the look of, then go for it. At the end of the day, you shouldn't listen to other people's opinions; it will be your tattoo on your body! As long as you are happy with it, that's all that should matter. And unlike a lot of people think, you don't NEED to have ink with meaning behind the design. There is nothing wrong with a design that you simply like the look of. Meanings are great, but not necessary. Just take your time - even if it takes a few years to decide. The last thing you want to do is to rush it "just to have a tattoo", if that makes sense. Have fun with it!
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