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  1. Three words to describe George would be; "intelligent", but "lazy" and "flighty." George is the only child and son of skilled surgeon Michael Hopkins, and influential and affluent investment banker Marisha Hopkins. Wealth, job-focused parents, and early success in education all lead to an early-blooming child that knew he was destined for great things, but lacked the tenacity and drive to achieve them himself. George's meandering through life lead him to medical school, where he made an effort to follow in his distant father's footsteps. George proved to be skilled at his course, passing the initial few years with flying colours and high marks in both written and practical tests. Despite having both the intelligence and natural skill needed, George treated University like an extended vacation. Doing the bare minimum needed to succeed, and spending all his free time either playing video-games or socialising in bars and parties, it was bound to happen that George would fail his course at the last hurdle. Tutors, angry at his life of carefree non-dedication, decided not to give him a another chance on the back of many other second-chances, and instead instituted that he would need to repeat the final year, providing he do so within three years of the original end-date of his course. However, George took this as a sign that he needed to slack off even further, and decided to use the last of his grant money to take a gap-year in his mother's birth-country; Chernarus. Knowing close to nothing of the language or the country didn't sway the incredibly naïve and lazy aspiring surgeon, after all, how bad can it be? The ill-fated journey set George on Chernarus only a few months before the lockdown and evacuations. The continuing trend of terrible decisions manifested in his firm belief that he would be better off by himself than accompanying the military to any guarded evacuation camps. He's survived by himself so far on the scraps left by civilisation. The viral outbreak has been a harsh tutor, and one full of lessons that George is not as clever or as equipped to deal with the grim new world as he believed himself to be.
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