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  2. Joao Olivera was born in the rural slums of São Paulo, Brazil. From a young age Joao grew up in extreme poverty and was exposed to extreme gang activity. He was a single child alone with his mother, he never had a father figure in his life. His environment and peers around him lead him to hate all police and authority. The older he grew the school books he once loved began turning into knives, drugs, and guns. By the age of 13 Joao knew how to weild and clean light guns such as pistols and submachine guns. At the age of 15, Joao was proficient at shooting weapons. The first time Joao ever engaged in a shootout was when he was 16. In that shootout two of his friends were fatally wounded, they had not known they were shooting at armed police soldiers at the time. Joao fired and wounded a police officer in the action and fled the scene. He was later found and taken into custody. At the time he was incarcerated he had a submachine gun and 9 grams of crack cocaine on him. He was sentenced to prison awaiting trial. Joao was enduring prison guards beatings and mockery for his crimes. They would leave him in solitary for days and often threw his food on the floor to mock him. During those times he began reading the bible daily and became very religious. He began going crazy in jail shouting prayers nightly and talking to “god” during the day in his room. Medical doctors were sent to do an evaluation and decided to put him in an Asylum. After a few months in the Asylum Joao was transferred to Chernarus for a special program and for the medical staff that were more well equipped. A few years past then the frenzy flu hit the lands. Instatansly the security and protocols and safer precautions were in effect. The times he had with the other patients were all gone due to the protocols. Joao became more depressed and more alone due to these things. Making his moral and mentality worse. Once the safety protocols were implemented the doctors were able to run tests on him he really showed no signs of having mental issues. A couple days before his transport back to the Brazilian jail, the outbreak happened. Him and the other patients there worked together and broke out of the Asylum to run free across the lands.
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