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  1. Aboard a flight landing in Ukraine months prior to the outbreak, Lorenzo, a businessman for a small Firearm company arrives in Ukraine's capital, Kiev. On his way to a nearby motel, the tired 37 year old stops at a bar for a drink. Lorenzo's Plans were to simply secure a deal with a private security company based in Ukraine. To make things simple, the trade was suppose to be currency in exchange for supply of weapons. His plans to stay for 3 months quickly changed after he got himself involved in a situation with the wrong people. Lorenzo saw an opportunity to earn some extra profit by striking some "under the table" deals with private buyers in Chernarus. With deals finalizing in Ukraine, he decided to make his moves in Chernarus. What was suppose to be a simple deal with a buyer by the name of Pavel Krovov, turned south very quickly. Apon arrival to a disclosed location, Lorenzo quickly found himself surrounded by what he believed to be at least 7 men, their faces all covered with what looked like ski masks of some sort. Not much is to be remembered after that. The only recollection of events that followed would be waking up on the floor of a barn, Beaten. With his suit torn and his memory in a haze, he brings himself to his feet. From the looks of his knuckles, it appears he put up somewhat of a fight. After looking around for a few minutes trying to make sense of his situation he catches a glance of his briefcase in the corner of the barn. Without hesitation he walks toward the corner of the run down wooden structure and picks up his briefcase. Realizing the contents of his case have been untouched he wipes the dust off his belongings and begins to make his way out of the barn into a changed world he knows nothing about...
  2. +100 At least someone remember [RF] The Rising Freeborns! A great clan (full of immature kids like myself! But led by a greater leader Freeman! Rising Freeborns was the best clan I have ever been in, back in the Mod days when you felt excited to play DayZ and think what is going to happen tonight, not now as Standalone is broken and the MOD has died Rising Freeborns vs Legion - First time using a DMR, so I blame the weapon not my awful aiming. [video=youtube] SDS - Oldman, Lord Fusk, Nykke, Quickan, Fackmos, Dot-tastic, Maggro, Daheb, Taurz, NArp, Biddy, Kevin, Martin, the other chappers. We tried our best to RP but sometimes it wasn't as great as it could be, Not when BoS (Juggs) got together 20/30 men to attack us at Taki gas station near NWAF. Lovely intro from me [video=youtube] Other SDS Videos - [video=youtube] [video=youtube] CLF (DayZMOD when RF and CLF own the server killing S-gru, they edited a video to make it look like we KoS them and then Legion rocking up somehow and then us owning them, but Oldman still disagrees with it all! Nostalgia with a capital "N"!
  3. lorenzolaplaca6

    [Bus Service] Chernarus Autobus

  4. Thanks for all the support guys, really happy with the turn out!
  5. The two Namlsk ones are not my original photos just some editing I've done to them. All the others are my screenshots with editing. What do you guys think?
  6. lorenzolaplaca6

    A Warning. (Open Freq)

  7. I feel that, I had a few run ins with the fangs back in the day and it was awesome!
  8. lorenzolaplaca6

    [Bus Service] Chernarus Autobus

    "Fuck yeah Dave!" ~Old Man Larry
  9. lorenzolaplaca6

    [Bus Service] Chernarus Autobus

    The bus is back!!!!!
  10. lorenzolaplaca6

    Show off your new wheels!

    Literally my life, can't ever get enough pieces to fix up a car. And when I do, I crash into trees or fall through the earth. I fear the cars, shoes for life. #Shoe4lifegang!