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  1. HIS PAST In his younger years he had a great relationship with his mother, he was a mommas boy. Back in college he had a girlfriend but this girlfriend cheated on him with multiple men, this has caused Frankie to be attractive to more older mature independent women. He had a best friend called Pepeopi, they would skateboarding together on the weekends never really gotten into much trouble. He had a simple and healthy life but did terrible in school, this did not change his positivity for the future. THE STORY On a hot summer night, in the Suburbs of Oakland, i was doing my nightly routine of working out because I'm overweight and I need to lose weight. On that day I had found out that there was a new employee hired as a milkman. It was woman with the name of Lou Lou. She was very hot and that is why I was working out starting that day, I looked in the mirror and seen my reflection and I didn't like what I had seen. That night I went to bed with a positive attitude, I was most definitely was gonna have that chick, my dreams are for her to milk me like I milked those cows. There I go with a smile on my face as I drift off to sleep. My manager was a complete dickhead, he will never promote me to top-tier milkman and that frustrates me, I swore that I will prove him wrong. I go to work with a positive attitude, my manager made fun of me in front of Lou Lou, this embarrassed me greatly than he sent me off to milk the cows for the day. Towards the end of my shift I was onto the last cow and everyone had problems with this cow. While I was about to milk the cow he kicked me in the head causing me to go into a coma. I woke up a few months later and I no longer wanted Lou Lou instead my intentions were directly on to killing cows everytime I see one. Which made me incredibly insane causing me to get sent off into a mental hospital. It was a secure private mental institution which you were taken by plane, while on this plane ride a bird flew into a the left engine causing the plane to crash down leaving only a few surviving and having no clue where I was. Rescuers came to our aid, they had taken us to a hospital in Chernarus the doctors had noticed the people on the plane were mentally unstable by how they perceived themselves, therefore they were admitted to an assylum in Chernarus where they were treated unfairly. After a certain amount of time in the Asslyum the out break had occurred, myself and other patients broke out killing the infected and others if necessary. Since we survived our time in the asslyum we will survive the outbreak.
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