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  1. Backstory: Gwar was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA along with his older brother Fozzun. Their Parents migrated from the frigid Region Chenarus, seeking a better life for their unborn children. At the age of 14, Gwar and his family moved to Utah to serve as farmers. It was hard work, but Gwar appreciated the fact he had work to do. However, over time, Gwar became frustrated with the same daily grind, and wanted to pursue work that was more adventurous. Gwar would talk to his brother about the fantastical tales their grandfather would tell them as children. Mountains and hills as far as you could see, wild animals that roamed the land. Living off the wilderness and seeking hidden adventures in the untamed forests of Chernarus. Fozzun eventually agreed, and both brothers made the long Journey to Chernarus. When they finally arrived, the trip wasnt quite as easy as they expected. They contacted their grandparents, and asked if they could stay and help out a while, until they could get a place of their own. This lasted a few months, until the infection hit. Late in the evening, while Gwar and fozzun were asleep. They heard a loud crash come from the bottom of the stairs. Gwar and Fozzun quickly jumped out of bed, to see their grandmother laying on the floor laying in a pool of her own blood. They rushed as quickly as they could to lend her aid. As they approached, they could still here some odd breathing coming from her body. Fozzun turned her over to see where she was injured. The grandmother, with pale rotted skin lept towards Fozzun with a spine tingling screech, as she tried to claw and bite at Fozzuns flesh. Without hesitation, Gwar grabbed the Fireplace poker near by and Thrust it into their once grandmothers head. Both brothers slumped to the floor and tried to gather themselves together. Thats when both their eyes met, and they remembered their grandfather! They rushed to the master bedroom, both with something in their hands this time. Unfortunately, they found a mutilated corpse of their once wise grandfather. They decided the only thing they could do at this point was take care of the house until the could figure a better plan, and where to go from there. Due to the amount of Wolves that lived in their village, They decided to form a clan, The Wolf Brotherhood. Each of them would wear a pelt from the Wolves they killed. Along their travels, they met up with a local survivor whose name only goes by, "Adversary." Whether thats his real name or not, they do not know. As the Wolf Brotherhood, they aide fellow survivors in need, running supplies to the local trade outposts and providing protection to those weaker.
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