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  1. Rodrick Yazzie was born to a poor family on the Navajo Reservation in Arizona. He had one sister and his father left shortly after her birth. He is the oldest by two years. Growing up he had a pretty rural life, tending sheep while he wasn't away at school. At the age of 12 he was sent to a boarding school so he could further his education. At the age of 18 he decided to help in his local government as a sort of diplomat to other Native American Tribes. Due to rising tensions with the US government, Rodrick decided that the Navajo Nation needed to extend diplomatic relations with nations outside the United States. Rodrick fought hard for the action of sending a delegation to a foreign country and eventually won, and through much debate decided on selecting him to lead it. Deciding that Chernarussia Republic would be an a good start he communicated with the Russian Government for a tour and two week stay. He was scarcely 19 years old when he arrived in Chernarus as the Chernarussian Civil war broke out in earnest. Not really trying to be involved he did his best to stay out of the fighting whilst the Government tried to evacuate him. his security group was attacked by ChDKZ fanatics. Rapidly loosing ground he took up arms with a handgun and help fend them off till Government forced arrived. Later he would remark satirically that it was a "very interesting tradition" that he was involved in. After the Russian Federation took control The Navajo Nation decided to send a delegation to Russia, where Rodrick would reprise his role and as a sign of trust start out his tour in Chernarus where he was forced to take lives so long ago. He became stuck along with everyone else as the Frenzied Flu took its toll. He now finds himself struggling to survive a new Chenarus.
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