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  1. It was cool meeting @InvalidCat and seeing the national treasure that is skeeter in person. Finally helped my boy Will find a home; at least for now.
  2. Early life & Early Military Career (1977-2003) Born to Liam Willis and his wife Laura Willis in the year 1977, as the son of a former Green beret and nurse William found an early love for public service and assisting in his community. Graduating from secondary school with minimal incidents, the young William enlisted with the United States Navy on his eighteenth birthday in 1995 as a BUD/S candidate. After completing BUD/S and SQT, the young Petty Officer was selected for the SEALs Sniper Course and Language School, thereafter he was assigned to SEAL Team 5 and stationed in sunny Coronado, California. After his initial Deployment to Afghanistan in 2001 during Operation Enduring Freedom William was selected for Officer Candidate School, upon graduation he was awarded the rank of Ensign and sent to a third and fourth Individual Specialty Training; specifically Technical Surveillance Operations and upon achieving the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade, Advanced Special Operations Techniques School (ASOT). Upon graduation from these courses, the young officer was assigned to DEVGRU as part of Task Force 121 in 2003. United States Joint Special Operations Career (2003-2018) During his service in Task Force 121 William participated in counter insurgency and "hunter-killer" operations across the Iraq theater from 2003 to 2006, some notable operations being: Operation Tapeworm (2003), Operation Red Dawn (2003), Operation Wonderland (2004), and many others. William would continue to serve with distinction among his peers in the United States Navy's Special Warfare Development Group (DEVGRU), being deployed with quickly rising to the role of Team Executive Officer by 2018. NATO Operational Career & entrapment (2018-Current) In mid 2018 the now decorated Lieutenant Commander received the offer of a lifetime, Command of a new international Detachment. Upon accepting this position William received a promotion to the rank of Commander. This international Detachment would be known as Special Classified Operations Detachment Charlie (SCOD-C), a field detachment of the highly classified NATO Special Classified Operations Command formed in a joint effort between the UN Security Council and NATO NRF (NATO Response Force). SCOD-C would be tasked with a variety of missions, ranging from the covert elimination of terrorist cells before they could strike, to reprisal operations/arrests against war criminals just out of reach of the UN. It was on one of these reprisal operations in early 2020, codenamed "Operation Talisman", where William and his team would arrive in the country of Chernarus. Their target was a one Roman Nechayev, callsign "Nero", reportedly responsible for the slaughter of pro-government civilians and surrendered CDF forces in the Chernarussian village of Lopatino earning him the moniker of "The Butcher of Lopatino" during the 2009 Chernarussian Civil War. Due to the classified nature of the Operation, William and his team arrived in mid-January in Lopotevgrad as American tourists against the current travel advisories, with plans to leave via civilian airliners in March of the same year. In late February the Operation was put into full swing with William and his team making contact with a Nationalist cell near Kirovograd, where Nechayev had retired to a rather large country estate, and retrieved their equipment. In the following hours the hills were alight with intense gunfire as the NATO Detachment fought their way into Nechayev's compound alongside local Nationalist fighters. Thirty minutes later the gunfire subsided and Nechayev had been eliminated, however the team was unable to make a clean extraction as RAC forces arrived upon exfiltration from the Area of Operations. Due to this William and his team were forcibly separated by the incoming RAC forces, leaving him alone with local Nationalist fighters as they went to ground. During this time, the situation in Chernarus worsened, as it did around the world, leaving William stuck in country without means of escape.
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