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  1. A man with a easy going upbringing, Steven lived his early life in his home city of Glasgow. A bright enough boy with the world ahead of him, he lived a nurtured and healthy life. Living with both his parents, he never once took life for granted and after reaching the age of sixteen, spent his time working for a local retail chain, all in an aid to save for his future. At the age of 23, he decided to take what savings he had and travel the world with a group of acquaintances he had in the area. After weeks of traveling the north eastern regions of Europe, they had found themselves in Chernarus. Upon entering this new land, Steven was instantly enthralled with it and decided then and there he wished to stay. Similar to his home in regards to landscape and weather, Steven saw it as a second home and wished to see more of this enticing county. After only two months in Cheranrus, a sudden wave of a new 'Frenzied Flu' was striking Europe and the countries contained within. During this time, transportation and flights, were all but impossible, keeping Steven stranded. By this point, all but one of his original companions had left either by wanting to return home to see loved ones, or because of the new threat which was sweeping the lands. Steven witnessed as the lands he called his new home, slowly turned into hostile, desolate environment. With the streets bustling with armed personnel, Steven only saw fit to leave his apartment in Zeleogorsk and make for the surrounding hills where he would camp, attempting to stay away from any danger which lied in the towns and cities. Not wanting to be in the narrow confines of a evacuation camp, Steven and his friend Malcom, had unfortunately become separated during their attempt to flee the town, leaving them both on their own.
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