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  1. James was an only child who grew up relatively sheltered in central California. His mom died when he was 10 years old, and his dad raised him on a farm which had been in his family since James' great grandfather started it. He never had issues making friends, but never had more than a few at a time. After he graduated highschool he left his family home and took a few meaningless jobs. He was quite unhappy, and felt like he wasn't going anywhere. He decided to join the army. Just as he got out of basic training, he was chosen to be sent towards Russia to help protect one of the US embassies, as the conflict was starting to get serious. On his 2nd day after arriving, the zeds attacked the city and it fell quickly. He was one of only a few survivors who managed to escape the city and head south. He managed to survive a few months off of some food he stole and his rifle, but did not make many friends. After a long time of not seeing any other survivors, he came back from a hunt and found all of his gear stolen. Having no other choice, he headed into Chernarus desperately hoping to find more supplies and some sort of civilization.
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