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  1. Zenon was born in Poland but moved to America at the age of 2, He has always been Bipolar which caused him to be mentally unstable from a young age, He lived in Los Angeles and was a trouble maker from a young age, from stealing cars to selling drugs, but he never found his inner peace. One day his one friend that was also into drugs knew a few people from the Sinaloa Cartel, he introduced Zenon to them and they clicked immediately, -he and the top guys were really good friends. A few years pass and something clicked in Zenon's head, he wanted blood. He called his cartel friends and set up a meeting, Zenon explained everything and they told him that they can help, they gave him a gun and a name. Zenon was so happy they could help him, he changed clothes and looked for the guy he was gonna murder, after 2 days he found him and put a bullet in between his eyes and left a note saying thank you. He was paid by the cartel and at that moment he realized he loved doing it, a few years and many murders later he was just walking down the street when an FBI agent called Denzel granger came up to him and started talking to him, he told him he knew what Zenon was doing and that he was gonna put a stop to it and since Zenon was bipolar his mood changed instantly and he didn't know what to think and say, he fell into a really bad state of depression and mental illness, he couldn't think straight. A few days later he went on a rampage and killed multiple people in front of his apartment complex, he ran crying didn't know what to do. 16 hours later he hears someone knocking on his door and yelling this is Denzel from the FBI Open up and put our hands up, he did it he gave up, they took him to the station and asked him a lot of questions but he didn't tell them anything else than that he really liked killing people and since he got paid for it, it was the perfect job. the FBI gave up the interrogation and sent him to jail, the judge sentenced him to life in an American Asylum, he was there for a few weeks when they decided to send him to an asylum in Chernarus on a special program that was supposed to help him, when hi arrived he was assigned a room, the next day they gave him a shot of something that was supposed to help him and turn him into a normal person again, after a few months of trying that on him and other prisoners in the asylum an infective virus outbreak happened which made people eat each other, Once the patients saw what was happening they all decided to break out and run, some of them didn't make it and some did, the ones who did make it are still together in a group and roam the streets and forests of Chernarus.
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