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  1. Otto Milano was born in Milan, Italy. He was forced to move to America when he was only five years old. While in Italy, his parents were heavily involved in crime and were in bad blood with the other serious crime families. They moved to a small city in America to get away from their past lives and try to start something new. But doing bad things has already been imprinted into his mind. He started doing bad things by the time he was eight years old. The first bad thing he did was stealing a handful of candy from the local corner store. But that quickly turned into taking stuff from other kids at school to beating them up during recess. He always got in trouble with the principal so he was in and out of detention daily which was not a good look. After he completed high school he went right into doing more serious crime with a few of his friends. He was hitting store robberies multiple times a week and not getting caught. But it was only a matter of time before he got caught. It fed into his substance abuse that made his "second personality" come out and do even worse things. He eventually found his way into getting put into a mental asylum cause of his other personality. He dreamed of breaking out to continue his reign of terror on the outside. He orchestrated a riot to break out of the outbreak-ridden institute. He wanted to escape this deathtrap of an asylum He broke out with a couple of his newfound friends from the institute and they were thinking of making a group together to further their lives of crime and murder.
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