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  1. Danish IT & Communications Expert working freelance for Russian Telecom company Comstar preparing the network for 5G communication. I was stationed in the country, when it went into lock down. But I was one of the few lucky soules that had an airplane ticket for one of the last airplanes leaving the country, before the airport was closed down. But unfortunately, my taxi was involved in an accident one the way to the airport. The driver was killed, and I was brought to the hospital in Chernogorsk unconscious, but other than that only with minor injuries. When the chaos of the mutants hit the hospital, I fled together with another patient, a former Russian special service soldier “Vlad” who taught med the basics of surviving in the new harsh world. One day though “Vlad” never returned from his Scavenging and since then I have been on my own, looking for both Vlad, safety and ultimately for a way home to my family in Denmark.
  2. Hi Guys, I have read the role paly section over and over multiple times. I have also tried copying the text to Word, but It didn't help. Even though English is not my first language i feel that I read and understand it very well, but still can't find the word! Are u 100% sure that there isn't a bug not showing the passphrase? Best regards Morten
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