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  1. Vierra


    Pretty vague about what happened but.. We were outside the city when a group of VK initiated on us, we got into a gunfight in which I died. Some time later, not sure how long, probably like an hour or two, in a completely separate situation, me and Mason and some others approached the Basilisk hospital and raided it, took some hostages, and brought them into the woods. We were perused by some hostiles, I assume Basilisk or VK, and eventually I then left the group and hostages, went back to the city, and waited 30 minutes to log out because I had to go.
  2. Vierra


    Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Why the verdict is not fair: um? cant really post my 3rd attempt at qualifying for your standards of a POV when the post is locked Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: I posted a simple POV because the report didnt really call for much because the logs clearly proved our side to begin with, then they told me to make a better one, so I posted another, and then I saw staff update the post to say that I had POSTED my POV so I stopped watching the report and then got tempbanned for not posting a POV anyway ig? What would you like to achieve with this appeal: unban What could you have done better?: write high school essay length povs for all reports
  3. Well, I dunno what you mean by "Proper POV", there really is nothing more to it. Earlier that day, I got on to assist the group in a fight against VK. After I died in that fight, a bit of time later I met up with some guys from my group to help out with an entirely different situation about raiding & taxing Basilisk. Hence, as these situations aren't related.. no NLR? I dunno what else you want me to say, I don't see how this is a report to begin with lmao.
  4. POV: We had a gunfight with VK, then later we raided Basilisk. Nothing assosciated with these two situations. No NLR occurred.
  5. Anybody watching could clearly see I was shooting in response to the guy punching me, sure bullets went near them but I didn't hit any except the guy who attacked me. IN FACT, the only people who shot someone in the crossfire were the people who killed me invalidly. This is seen in 1:59:14 of this streamers clip. The only people who actually "shot into a crowd" were the people who shot me. https://m.twitch.tv/videos/1128545334
  6. I did not spray into the crowd. I hit only the person who punched me, and that was intended. Logs clearly show this as posted by the GM above. Me leaving my group had nothing to do with this situation.
  7. I approached a group of people from various groups. I exchanged a few insults with some of the VK guys, then randomly a guy walked up and punched me. I wasn't friends with him, or associated, so this was a hostile action when he punched me, so I shot him. I was then proceeded to be gunned down by other people who didn't clearly show in RP they were associated with him. No initiation happened when he attacked me. I believe I was gunned down invalidly after acting in self defense. You can't just walk around punching people and call it ruleplay when they defend themselves. It wasn't NVFL because I didn't know you were part of the group, you weren't wearing an armband, and nobody initiated on me. I'd also note the guy that punched me was not involved with this situation at all before he punched me. I never spoke to him, never aggravated him, he randomly attacked me.
  8. Violent Kind are very skilled roleplayers. shoutout for good experience! I think you guys should do some auditions in Hollywood, you'd get some awesome jobs with those acting skills. Have a good day.
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