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  1. Laszlo was born in Western Australia to hard working Farmers. From a young age Laszlo found trouble on the streets stealing cars and starting fights at his school, Laszlo's Farther [Keith Papp] Decided to put his young sons pugilistic Nature to good use by betting money on him In Smokers [Underground Amature boxing matches] While Laszlo Won Many bouts his hot headed nature got him disqualified over 13 times. Looking to compete overseas and eventually at the Olympic level They arrived at Chernarus on the Janurary 2019looking to compete. [FEBRUARY 22, 2019] Just 5 Days before the quarantine began, Lazslo's farther had to return back to Australia to Check on his Wife and lazslo's mother who was terminally ill. Laszlo Decided to stay in Chernarus to be with his then Girlfriend [Sasha machenko] whom was a ring girl for one of his compertitions. [JANUARY 01, 2020] While Russia was celebrating believing it had overcome the virus Laszlo received news from his farther that his mother had passed away. This filled him with regret that he had not seen his mother one last time in person and in some ways he had some resent for staying in Russia. [MAY 05, 2020] Laszlo took part in the riots out of the frustration hitting boiling point for not seeing his dying mother. In one of the several scuffles with the police Laszlo hurt and almost killed one of the Russian Police officers with a brick. His Girlfriend Sasha was upset by the news that Laszlo had been put in custody and felt she did not know who Laszlo was anymore. The two separated and Laszlo went inland to find work helping farmers and learning how to hunt from the locals. [SEPTEMBER 2020] When the power went out in the region Laszlo went back to the coast to find Sasha at her home in elektro. When he arrived he found only those sick with the Frenzied Flu and death, along with a note from Sasha explaining she had left but with no elaboration as to where. "to anyone whom might be woundering as to where the Machenko family is. We have left and we will never return to this terrible place dont try to find us...You wont" - Sasha This left Laszlo with one goal. To find Sasha.. 2021 - Still wondering Chernarus searching lazslo has become confident in his ability to to survive and make life or death decisions on the fly. Lazslo is a hardended survivor from his experiences with bandits and dealings with other survivors. His personality is of someone who can be charismatic and well disposed and at other times cold and cruel. He does what he feels is needed to survive and maybe someday see sasha again.
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