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  1. Pete was born in Redwood City, California, from his mother and father, John and Mary Mitchell on March 14, 1995. His family had just recently moved back to the United States after his father's tenure as the U.S. ambassador for China. Pete was preceded in birth by his brother James and his sister Abby. Pete lived a very privileged life and was always cared for, however he was the most neglected out of the three children. They lived in California until the year 2000 when his family moved to the state of Utah. Once his family lived there for years, his father, Jon, decided he wanted to run for Governor of Utah and ended up winning the election Pete was just 10 years old. In Jon's tenure as Governor of Utah, he influenced Pete and Abby to become involved in politics. Pete's brother James, however had different plans and decided to get a degree in business and real estate. While Pete and his siblings were off in college, Jon continued working his way through the political spectrum until he made his way to a new ambassadorship in Russia. At the time, Pete's sister Abby had gotten a new job working for the news station MSNBC and his brother James had decided to start up his own business named Academy Mortgage. Pete had gotten his degree in Political Science from Stanford but also became an activist in America for upholding Democracy and Freedom. Pete had become well known on social media and within political circles for the large support he gained through his activism not only on his college campus, but in trips he made around the nation. Pete currently had no job obligations after college and decided to move with his father to Russia to possibly gain more experience on how being an ambassador works and what life was like in Russia. On September 28, 2017 Jon, Mary, and Pete all moved to Moscow. While living in Moscow Pete learned how to speak Russian but also what life was like in Russia after the constant turmoil the nation seemed to go through. Pete continued his activism efforts in Moscow while still learning about the nation and its states. Pete struggled gaining support early on but began to make waves. Near the end of his father's tenure as ambassador, Pete convinced his father to let him travel to the neighboring state of Chernarus. Pete had heard so much about its history and saw lots of potential for activism in a state that had been taken over by socialist rule. Pete traveled to Chernarus in early 2019 to begin his activism in the city of Novigrad. Pete gained popularity amongst average citizens and started his own group called the Freedom Fighters. Through his activism and notoriety through the Freedom Fighters, people began to label him as the "Maverick." The Chernarus government soon took notice to Pete and began surveilling on him. While this was the case, soon came in the new strain of the flu in May that took over much of the state. Pete, continuing to do what he could with his activism, stayed safe and stayed healthy, while the government had other problems to tend to than Pete and his group of Freedom Fighters. While in late 2019 Pete was advised to go home with his father, Pete stayed because he felt there was more need for him to continue to change the ruling power in Chernarus. Pete believed the virus would calm down and everything would go back to normal, as did many people at the time. When quarantine zones were put in place Pete fought against the government's power being used against its own citizens and their free will. He soon realized how bad the virus had gotten towards January of 2020. Pete now could not only not leave the nation, he now had to fend for himself as the government continued to encroach on its citizens and livelihoods began dwindling for many. Pete and his group of Freedom Fighters had stayed active, but Pete had to watch as many of them were either killed by military forces that had been ordered to fight all resisters, or watched Freedom Fighters get sick from the virus. In attempts to keep as many people healthy as possible Pete had to remove others who had gotten sick and keep his people healthy. Pete at this point had not gotten contact with his family in months and was unsure if they were even alive anymore with the news he had heard coming from the virus rampaging those in America. In late January of 2021 Pete only had 7 Freedom Fighters remaining. Him and the Freedom Fighters were eventually ambushed by other survivors and Pete only could save himself through the wreckage. Pete now walks alone, wounded and trying to find help to continue his purpose in hopes one day he will eventually accomplish his goal of freeing the people and seeing his family once again.
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