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  1. Lars, born in the city of Gothenburg Sweden, Has allways had an interest for outdoors life and hiking. Joined the Swedish armed forces in 2008 as a tank driver. After working as a forkliftdriver for a few years, he whant´s too pick up hicking again. One of hes old friends from the army in sweden recomended the trails and nature of Chernarus! He had been there when he was younger and had good memories. he disided to go there and bought a flight ticket! On the flight there he heard about the "fleww" that had made its grip in the island. But filled with energy and longing for and adventure didn´t think about it for so long. e found a hotel and went to bed and the next day whent up to hear the radio saying that the island is starting a quarantine! hes stuck. no friends, do not know the language, and in unknown terrain. Now hes just trying to survive the horrors that the "fleww" has caused to the people of Chernarus. In the chaos, just trying to sqavage and try to stay alive. Filled with hope thats he one day can come home!
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