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  1. Jake Robinson was born in the cushiony suburbs of Charlotte, North Carolina to a perfectly middle-class family. Jake’s father was an accountant, and his mother devoted all her time to raising both Jake and His sister, Matilda. Jake’s life was that of a completely average person: He made average grades, had average friends, and overall was averagely content with his life. He lived life on cruise control- after high school he realized his dreams of being a criminal defense lawyer was not as easy as Law and Order: SVU would make it seem. Dropping out his second semester of college, Jake retreated home to his parents, in which he found comfort in living a daily routine of smoking weed, going to work at the local grocery store, and finding ways to kill time by talking about all the latest media trends. If it was from Japan or Involved violence, Jake was the first to preach about it. He never really let this lifestyle impact his faith as a Muslim, in fact Jake was rather carefree. One day, Jake fell in love with a local Chernorussian immigrant named Svetlana Berkowitz. This love was unrequited, as Svetlana seemed only interested in returning to her home in Lapatino. Determined to win her heart, he bought two plane tickets for both himself and Svetlana to go experience life in Chernarus. After all, how could he have predicted that shortly after his arrival, the third wave would begin, and he would find himself not only separated from Svetlana, his love, but also from any chance of returning home. With only a small amount of experience in this foreign land, it was now up to this big city grocery clerk to get by in a world that only seemed to know two rules: kill or be killed.
  2. William is one of the last survivors of a community called New Coventry. The settlement was overrun with zombies and he had to flee. He also lost his wife and child in the tragedy. William lost so much that he wanted nothing to do with America. Before the fall of New Coventry, he heard rumors of a distant country with several thriving communities located in Chernarus, Russia. William was also aware of a large freighter that made port in New York City to trade and transport passengers. He then would make a long journey across the United States to board that freighter. During his travels he met interesting characters, killed opportunistic bandits, and picked up a variety of skills. After a week of travel, he made it to the port city of New York and boarded the freighter. When questioned about his skills while boarding, William explained his skillset and emphasized his medical ability, as he was a doctor in New Coventry. He went to his cabin and placed the picture of his family by his bed, remembering the past and feeling unsure about the future.
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