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  1. L O O T B O X E S? Just kidding! I love incentivizers, but I don't really know if there is anything that can be done to help push the server. I would say rubels, but thats not RP friendly. Overall, I think I have to agree with @GunterThePenguin 's idea.
  2. I like the new graphics! Also, great rp in cherno yesterday, Ol' Skeeter was so close to avoiding bloodshed, but at least he got one of your guys! Until we meet again, y'all.
  3. Shoutout to @ImKrullix for letting ol' skeeter give ya dating advice, and for being overall a very entertaining person! "SURVIVIOR" Is going to be stuck in my head for the rest of the night, haha.
  4. +1 it looks cool as hell. I think a lot of what people are saying should be taken into consideration (i.e., the armor, weapons, ammo) but when I saw that you could actually make stew I was sold. I just want better food options, damn it!
  5. I think the best solution so far would be special zombies. One thing I miss about my switch from 7 days to die to Dayz if the lack of special infected. On a pvp server, there was never a bigger "oh shit" moment then stumbling into 3 radiated police zombies and having to make the snap decision of: "do I spray them down and give away my position to everyone nearby? Or do I try my best to melee them to death and pray they don't explode on me?" I know this is not an emphasized kos/pvp server by any means, but using your firearm gives a lot of info to anyone rping as a bandit/hostile. If I was a bandit, and I heard someone using a .22 to take down zombies, I think I would be more than willing to sniff them out for some hostile rp. On top of that, it might give the loremasters extra creative space to explain why these new special infected have come about. Similar to cutscenes in zombie games that showcase a few type of infected for you to say "oh shit!" to. Who knows, maybe at the next huge fight between rival factions we see that all their RPG spam attracts a few special infected from out of the woodworks. I know it might be hard to implement decent special zombies, and i'm not asking for a L4D2 port to Dayz- just that, if it is possible, we could add a cool special infected or two.
  6. I have a GA (graduate assistantship) and work 20 hours a week in a writing center, and then 8 hours as a media consultant (think like a person who helps with digital media and software consultations throughout the entire process). I am techincally a full time master's student as well, but I'm finishing my thesis this semester. That is the main reason why my forum activity is about to skyrocket, as I plan to be away from my gaming setup starting march 8th. P.S., if anyone is ever interested applying to grad school, I am down to help!
  7. If I had to the same sandwich every day: PB&J. My current favorite: any form of good bread (like whole wheat), kewpie mayo, seasoned turkey, lettuce, swiss, MINIMAL tomato, (just enought to get a hint) salt and pepper, and finally, if I have some: thinly cut apple slices. It is also good heated up, but that might count as a melt then.
  8. I am a Mosin man. I love this gun in almost all iterations, and it almost always packs a punch. I know I preform better with different weapons on Dayz, but the Mosin will always have my heart.
  9. Chapter 2: Stints and Splints Adrenaline pumped through my veins as I stumbled blindly in any direction that felt away from that monster. As an American abroad, I did what we do: neglect to learn where the fuck we are. Luckily, my years of hiking paid off- I could follow the few major constellations that I saw. North. I am headed north. Well, more like I am headed north slowly. In the back of my mind was, well, nothing but pain, but if there wasn’t pain, I bet I would have been saying: “slow and steady wins the race.” After some time, I found myself in a big city that I later learned was called “Novo.” I heard gunshots and talking: two really good or really bad signs, and it all depends on which side of the coin you land on. I pressed my luck, or rather lackthereof, and staggered towards the men. My appearance freaked them out, (shocking) but thankfully I didn’t resemble an infected too much. They all wore berets, so they were either French or knew how to shoot a gun. My money's on the latter. They led me into the compound, and despite my injuries had the gall to ask for my ID. I finally learned a name: Thompson. This was to be essentially the first and last name I learned in Novo. Their doctor was out, but I was treated to the best of their ability and given some drugs strong enough to make your aunt sweat. Thompson gave me a room, and from there I could rest. While I wish I could say I’m still in Novo, the reality is that it fell within a few days. Too many raiders, I believe. Not enough morale. It was nice while it lasted, though. I got to practice my green thumb out and grew an army of pumpkins. I decided to limp around a few days after I has been given light treatment of my wounds. The journey wasn’t too arduous, but during the day I was gone everyone in Novo must have been throwing a goodbye party. There certainly wasn’t one when I got back: just a ghost town full of confusion, and a man named Jose. Jose and I got along swimmingly. Probably because he was just as confused as I was. After deciding that Novo and its inhabitants must have fallen, we weighed our options: Polana or Berezino. These are the only other places in which we heard there was still signs of civilization. We decided to leave for Berezino quickly, because at the rate civilizations are lasting, they might not be there by the time we arrived. The trek was long and hard on me, and I felt my wounds occasionally open up. The reality, dear reader, is that I suppose I just wanted to ignore what happened. The humiliation. The pain. The anger. All welling up inside me, and the only recipient of my emotional discharges is this damn memoir. But if I don’t last, something of mine ought to. We made it to Berezino in the middle of the night. Tired, exhausted, we fell to sleep in a garage. When I woke up and stumbled outside, Jose was gone, and in front of me were two men with Ak-74s, demanding that I put my hands up.
  10. Yes, please. Right now if I see a pistol or smg I always feel tempted to grab it, but never do- because I know that the possibility of it being effective versus anyone is nil.
  11. I say -1 until it's used on me, then +1. In all seriousness I think its hard because even at the lowest rate possible, there will always be people that are a part of big groups that loot like maniacs and will find them. I think that especially with larger groups, there will always need to be a strategy for rpg counterplay, but I can't imagine "everyone spread out by x meters to avoid us all dying" is going to be both fun and rp-friendly.
  12. Within my first 5 hours of joining the server my character, Skeeter, had a nice run-in with @MrDolly, who proceeded to mess me up. That, and being held up by @Geek twice was very entertaining. It always caught me off-guard, which really helped me sell the confused panic Skeeter felt, haha.
  13. I got into Dayz, played on a server where no one really fought often, and realized that I am basically just roleplaying. So I deicded to join a server that actually roleplays, haha.
  14. A big thank you to @Snow_ for the RP both today and yesterday! Also a shoutout to the charismatic Winston @Dren and gary, whoever you are!
  15. Thank you for bringing attention to this, as I find the whole conundrum to be a though nut to crack. I think that in a game like dayz, where you can be attacked at any given moment, there is an incentive apropos of having a larger group size. When I joined The Lost Highway, we had a small group size, and among us over half were non-combatants. This reality led to us getting "clapped" frequently, and has caused a few members to leave. I have noticed that as we have begun to position ourselves favorably with the "Zerg" groups, and as we started recruiting more, shall we say, "militia positive" members, this has stopped. We now have enough people so that there is usually someone who can be online no matter the time, which is clearly advantageous. I know that "small" groups were considered to be roughly 15 or so people, but even then it might feel necessary to continue growing your ranks. Basically, I think it is hard for a group not to aspire, consciously or not, to become a "Zerg" group. I mean, if I met over 15 people who I wanted to rp and grow with, I wouldn't want to feel like I couldn't say "yes" to them joining. I get the appeal of having small "secret club" like groups, it is just in Dayz, your group may be forever disadvantaged. To explain: for example, you must have 10 active mebers to have a settlement. While this is not the "be-all, end-all" of a group, I feel it would be a lie to say that it isn't certainly appealing.
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