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  1. *Krrrr* Come in, I’m located on the Klen mountain, NE of Polana.... Is there anybody in the area who can supply transport to the civilian trader... im in desperate need of supplies after running out on a expedition in the north.. Over and out *krrrr*
  2. Apologies @Empress i did not see you had already spoke of this, i join you in effort towards this. Are the animations not already implemented into dayz standalone but then the bow was removed ?
  3. No I agree that’s a waste of time in some cases, how about a selection from this mod that would compliment RP and not over power players
  4. This is exactly what I was after however I had no luck, is there no way of disabling certain items within the mod ?
  5. I’ve played over 20 hours and have not seen a single car at the spawn locations, with the traders being so far apart it makes it very time consumed to travel such distance between them, adding more vehicles is a must also upping the spawn count for vehicles and vehicle associated loot
  6. I completely agree a lot of the weapons aren’t necessary, except the bow and arrows, and having the option to craft both would be great, and of course a minigun would be cool
  7. Hello all, I’ve taken to the hunting/survivalist role yet I’m finding it very difficult to fulfill this without the option of a bow/crossbow. This is the mod I found after doing a bit of research, however if anyone knows of anything else, let me know:) https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2273590683&searchtext=
  8. What’s everyone’s thoughts on this new addition to the server if approved by the council? https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2106663048&searchtext=
  9. William Harvey Born in the South of the UK spent many of his younger years exploring the local woodlands with his Father, who he was solely raised by after his mother died in child birth. They live in a small farmhouse in the county of devon. During a recent hunting accident his father died after falling a 30ft drop. This plunged William into a dark place feeling as if he had no one left, In desperation he sold his fathers land and left the UK and traveled East to the ukraine, backing packing hoping to escape the life he had. Using the skills his father taught him he managed to survive off the land. He met a young woman in the a local town while resupplying, he decided to stay for a couple weeks. hoping to see this girl again. William succeeded in this prosper, after convincing the girl to get a drink one night. His roots were already gripping this quiet mountainside town. Months went by and the couple were completely in love. However he missed the freedom he had roaming the earth as a nomad. Every month he'd disappear into the woods. However his most recent endeavor would be his biggest regret. Once returning to the town he heard multiple sirens and the sound of chaos coming from what would usually be a quiet safe haven community. he ran to his apartment only to see it encased in flames. kicking down the door and rushing up the stairs, in the process scorching his left cheek from the blaze. into his flat only to see his beloved black as ash. he returned to the streets with his burgan. the virus spread its way to the town, it was in ruins leaving william no other choice but to return to his calling.
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