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  1. Born in the states in the 90s, Harry grew up in Portland Oregon. Harry's childhood was quite the ride, at only 3 years of age, his father left him and his mother behind. His father was abusive and an alcoholic, Harry does not remember this though since he was so young, but he has been told stories by his mother of his father hitting Harry's mother and always sitting watching tv and drinking, never really doing anything except screaming at Harry's mother. With his father leaving and only being left with his mother, they moved to a small apartment in a bad part of the city. When Harry was only 10 years old he got robbed by some thugs in the area, this was traumatizing for Harry. When Harry was 18 he joined the army, he had a good time in the army. He was an army sniper, taking out enemies from 600 meters away, he was talented. One day when in afghanistan, an enemy soldier shot at Harry, he was nearly hit, the enemy had hit his helmet but luckily for Harry it was bulletproof, he managed to move positions and take out the soldier. At the age of 20 Harry he met a friend online, Erik from Sweden. They played games together, talked almost everyday, and after two years of friendship, Erik talked about meeting. Harry agreed to taking a vacation somewhere in spain. They had a really good time, going out for drinks, chatting, and just enjoying the beach. When they were gonna head back, Harry decided to head back to Sweden with Erik. They lived in a apartment in Stockholm, the capital of Sweden. 2 years later, in December 2019 Harry watched a video on Youtube about hiking in Chernarus, it seemed like a really relaxing and fun trip. December 27th 2019 Harry said goodbye to Sweden and Erik. He lived in a hotel in the city Chernogorsk, he went on his hiking trip he planned. Just enjoying the terrain of Chernarus. He was planning on staying there for about a month or two. After only 2 weeks the news came out that there was a flu, Harry thought nothing of it. He didnt really care. A month and a half later there was a big outbreak of the flu, people were told to stay in the country and quarantine themselves, Harry was starting to get really nervous at this point, and so was everyone else. Military roadblocks were put out for people to not enter nor leave the areas. 6 months later, Harry was on his own, just trying to survive. People died from the flu but suprisingly came back from the dead. The only thing left to do in the world, is to survive.
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