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  1. Hackett was a second-generation United States citizen. Hackett joined the National Guard as a generator engineer and was deployed once on his first contract with the National Guard. After his second contract with the National Guard, Hackett became police officer on the west coast. Hackett is a hard working man who came from nothing. With a background of struggling to make it in life with his family, he has been humbled and works hard towards everything he has achieved in life. His mother was a hard working nurse at a local hospital and his father a mechanic. Hackett has always been taught to treat everyone with respect because that is the way he would want to be treated. He also has the mindset to do good in the world. Hackett understands that there are always going to be people in need and he will always try his best to help others in need when he can. Hackett went to Chernarus some time ago to go hiking with his friends and visit the world and embrace nature. During his stay there, he found himself in a nation exposed to a deadly flu. Now trapped, Hackett spends day to day counting how long he has been here and how he can escape.
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