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  1. Mikhoo traveled from America to Russia on just a horse. It took a very long 2 days. Chimells grew very attached to his horse, and named it Wiggles. Mikhoo and Wiggles endured much suffering along their journey, learning to master the blade. Struggling battling mother nature, they encountered many creatures. Bears, wolves, vicious ducks... It was awful. Their monstrous teeth got a piece of Wiggles, rendering him unable to fly, unlike usual. Mikhoo, heartbroken, encouraged Wiggles to continue on foot. Finally, the two made it to the brink of the Russian border. Both exhausted, they rest, and Mikhoo closes his eyes for a moment. Within what felt like seconds, hours had passed. Suddenly, Chimells awoke in a panic after hearing a piercing screech. An attack pigeon swooped in and before Mikhoo could blink, Wiggles was picked up by the pigeon and flown away, crying for his owner. Tears filled Mikhoo's eyes, for he never got to say goodbye to his bestfriend.
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