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  1. Murk, growing up in Novigrad had a very fast but entertaining childhood. Trade taught and disciplined, Murk was a very kind person to all he encountered.As rain bounces of the rooftop another storm is on its way into town, and no matter rain sleet or snow, murk will show. Working at the local bakery with his mother, he was learning how to deal with people and provide a service. He enjoyed showing up for work everyday, greeting the people of his neighborhood, getting them what they wish, with a smile and a thank you. One day on the way home from work, he met this man in the alley way he takes to get home faster when its raining. As passing by the man grabbed his coat, while he was sitting down, to stop murk. He stops him and looks him in the eyes and says he who thank you oh Vysov, for you have revealed the cunning plans of my enemies to me. Confused , murk rips his coat out the mans hand and asked what ? The man continues to stare as murk walks through the rest of the alley, hearing echos on the rest of the way home. Noises of light voices speaking, but he couldn't make out what it was. After some time goes by, making some improvements on the bakeys, both murk and his mother go on a little vacation, but on the way out of town a major storm hit. Knocking the car off of the road, killing his mother and ripping the right eye out of murks face and some skin of his forehead. Waking up in the hospital and after being told the horrific news, murk ripped out his Iv's put on his clothes and left the hospital/ Walking home his was destraught , not knowing what is real, the echos in his mind intensifies, now actually hearing some words, but still cant make a sentence out. Over some time shutting down the bakery because murk lost the will to work, does not want to deal with people, no longer wants to provide a service. Out the get some things from home, he is now passing through the alley way. Murk notices a man, laying down in the alley way. Sees that he is cold, but loses a sense of care within seconds. Continues to pass by.. the man on the ground mumbles. Do you hear him ? Are you allowing yourself to understand ? A little shocked, he ignores the man and continues to proceed home. Now Murk is 26, the riots in the streets have progressed to a point of destruction. Turmoil filled the streets, with war brewing on every corner. Things where in an uproar as He watches from his window. Not caring whether life has something for him or not, Murk leaves traveling through the riots in way to a friends place from the past. As he arrives on the corner he notices the building is on fire. Rushig to the back of the building because the front is in flames, he notices that there is no escape. When returning to the front of the house, he sees this man. THe same man from the alley way, staring at him and even though his lips are not moving, he is hearing his voice. Warriors of Vysov, avenge your fallen brothers and sisters, as they are in their eternal union with Vysov. Stuck in a trance Murk doesn't respond, thinking about his family, friends , old customers of the past. All destroyed and taken away by the evil of man. In a furious anger he closes his eyes. Opening them to the man standing, no longer old or injured. He looks at him and asks, Murk, with your heart and will, can you follow the cause. Murk nods his head and him and the man walk off into the flames of the riots.
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