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  1. John Baronzini is a straight up New Jersey Italian. He grew up in small local suburb in Paterson New Jersey where he was abused by his father growing up. Telling John he wouldn't be as good of a man his father was. John took that to heart so as he grew older he wanted to help people growing up but due to his possible mob connections that may or may not be true any first responder type job was out of question. So he tried the next best thing and that was fixing things so he took up a contracting job fixing up hospitals around the world. Now John may come off harsh but when you get to know him he's a good guy. He loves his sub sandwiches or hoggies and good ol pizza and we cannot forget about his porkroll cut thin. John Baronzini is a Hospital Repair Contractor sent out from the US to Cherno to help fix up some of the hospitals in the local area before the apocalypse happened. John took pride in his work knowing he was helping people who were ill. He comes from a long line of Italians who may or may not have mob connections no one truly knows becomes when someone knows they just seem to up and disappear......but anyways. John came to Cherno expecting a quick turn around it was just some simple jobs and quick repairs for his company but during his stay in Cherno things got turned upside down and now John fights for his survival everyday. He hopes to once open up his own village where all survivors can survive together he plans to name it "Little Italy". But for now he must survive the harsh weather and death lurking around every corner of Cherno. He hopes of returning to the US to go back to his family but who knows if that will happen.
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