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  1. Pre outbreak Leon went to school and got a high school degree. After graduating(1998) he went strait to Russia to try and get further education. After two years of collage he came back to Chernarus and couldn't find any work so he became a police officer. Up until 2009 it was an easy going job as far as being a cop can be considered easy. Once tensions started rising with the ChDKZ the crime rate went up and it became a lot harder to do his job. Once commander Gregori Lopotev of the ChDKZ was caputerd ChDKZ pushed a violent uprising that Leon was stuck in the middle of. Eventually it escalated into the Chernarussian Civil war where on November of 2009 he joined the Chernarussian military. His stay was short though because he fell victim to a flame thrower attack only days a month before the end of the war and suffered from second degree burns. He was discharged and made a full recovery after the war in December of 2010. Little did he know but this would be a life saver as if he was still in the military at the end of the war he most likely would have been arrested or executed. In January of 2011 he rejoined the police force but it was a bit different now with the win of the ChDKZ and the country now being in shambles he did not get the same rights as he once did. Living for him in CSR was not easy nor good because of what kind of choices Lopotev was making. In january of 2016 when Lopotev was assented things began to get a little bit better. when in 2018 Chernarus officially became part of the Russian Federation things started to look up for the country. Post outbreak: In january of 2020 when the Frenzied Flu started to rapidly spread and kill Old and young people his work once again got much harder. Once it became so bad that field hospitals began to pop up he never left his house without a mask. Eventually he was working at one of these field hospitals as security for the next few weeks. Once quarantine was initiated he had long work hours and hot to arrest a lot of people for not following curfew. he continued working on the streets true the quarantine and into the borders closed down completely. By the end of April when citizens had started attacking people for no reason, riots were breaking out, and the people starting revolting against the government, Leon and most of the rest of the police force were just about fed up. On may 10 of 2020 when martial law was instituted he started working at relocation camps for over 13 hours a day. He also killed his first person when someone had symptoms and then attacked a doctor. Not long after that he had run out of fingers to count the amount of lives he had taken. He continued to work until may 31 when most of the camps were deserted and the country is now a wasteland. He finally figured out that now it was now time to focus on surviving.
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