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  1. My family immigrated from the UK to Canada shortly after the second world war and were staunchly conservative. My father and mother would never pay much attention to me when I was young and would drink a lot. I grew up rejecting those values that they pushed on me at a young age and began to align myself towards a left wing tendency. This caused me to immigrate at a young age to Chernaurus after securing a job at a lumber mill. I thought I would be able to raise a family and help build a brighter future for humanity here. I was wrong. I worked tirelessly to make my way up in my workplace union and even attempted to run for local offices. I was always crippled by my depression though which has been a constant struggle throughout my life. I managed to earn a high ranking union position but never a local office due to my depression and the lack of motivation that would sometimes cause. I had a wife named Erika and two children named Shana and Poe. I loved them very deeply and sadly I lost my wife 10 years before "the disease" ravaged Chernaurus and the world to cancer. During this time, I took up hunting and would sometimes even bring my children with me to teach them certain values and skills. It was also during this time that the governmental collapse began. I also began neglecting certain union duties I had during this time which caused me to have to step down. My children and I tried to leave Chernaurus before the outbreak as we saw little left for us in Chernaurus but sadly due to certain government policy we were not able to leave. When the disease began to spread, my children and I tried to run away from the cities in which we used to live in order to survive. We didn't make it very far before I sadly lost both of them to infected. I have vast knowledge of Chernaurus as I have been an inhabitant for almost as long as I can remember. I now spend most of my time in the outdoors away from the cities as staying in cities for too long gives me too many memories of my old life and the outdoors remind me of my kids and my wife who loved hikes and nature sight seeing. I have had to develop a rough and tough exterior to survive but for people who can break through that, they may still find the young idealistic and family loving man that used to live in this body.
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