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  1. Ben was brought up around boats with his family being keen sailors. As a teen Ben gained his skippers qualifications and was a regular crew-member on local yachts around the Solent area where he learned the ropes and became a respected and capable sailor. Bens reputation as a solid crew-member led to him being selected to crew on competitive racing yachts and this helped him to hone his own skills to the point that eventually he was skippering his own boats in competitive yacht racing. When not racing yachts Bens main income came from yacht deliveries, a job which took him around the world delivering yachts from country to country for rich yacht owners who didn't have the time or skillset to move their yachts across oceans. This was a lucrative business and it allowed Ben to earn his living doing the very thing that he loved most, sailing... His last delivery was to be for a wealthy Chernarussian businessman who wanted his yacht moving from Chernarus to his summer home near Istanbul. Ben stayed at a local AirBnB in Elektrozavodsk whilst he waited for some last minute repairs to the boat. It was during this wait that things started to go to hell in a hand cart. As things deteriorated Ben made the decision to take the yacht and leave whilst he still could however on arrival the docks it was clear that someone else had beaten him to the idea and the dockside was empty leaving Ben trapped in Chernarus.
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