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  1. @Terra and @DrLettuce you guys are the best of the best, super excited to see you more!
  2. An enormous thank you to the wonderful Eva Riverwood @DrLettuce , Mary Davis @Niveous, and Max Alekseyevich @Snow_, all of whom have taught me so much about medical RP in the last few days. Another huge shout out to fantastic Tate Miller @Geek for allowing me to sit in on the treatment for your minor concussion, and to the brave Dr. Mayfield @DrMax, whose thoracotomy (I think?) I got to witness and take notes while the brilliant Dr. Sutton @DrCor operated. Finally, a big thank you to Yakov @Ron and Iva @Terra , even getting to be a small part of what's gone on in the last few days with you guys has been totally thrilling and deeply compelling. Many of you Leon has only known for but a few days, but he already feels a great debt and strong devotion toward all your well-being!
  3. @Checster1999 You're incredible! I'm so glad I've been involved in this totally wild story as one of my first RP experiences. The reason why you could hear me freaking out when you came inside the Q-zone is because when I heard you I WAS LITERALLY FREAKING OUT!! Hahaha! I can't wait to see what you're cooking up next. Keep being awesome.
  4. On the tenth of August 1997, while the sweltering heat of the sun finally began to wane and dusk approached, Dobra Radek (née Sokolnikov) gave birth to her only son, Leon Josef in a cramped apartment in downtown Kirovograd. When the both was four, his father -- Yakopv Radek -- was offered a position at a North American university to teach history and political philosophy. Within the next year, the family had moved to the US, where they would remain until 2014, when Yakov accepted a research position at the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin. Over the years Yakov's work grew more into the world of contemporary politics, and certain ideas that he developed in his books alerted the attention of the Chernarussian Cultural Ministry under Lopotev. The CSR requested to extradite Yakov and his family to indict him for the "seditious implications" in some of his work. The German government denied their request, but–surprisingly–Yakov decided to go anyway. He wanted to clear his own name in his beloved home-country, despite the reports he had heard of Lopotev's authoritarian control over the country's legal system, and the Chernarussian doctors, scientists, and professors who had begun to go missing since 2013. The trial of Yakov Radek took place in September 2015, but it was not much of a trial. It was a formality for delivering a pre-determined sentence. He would be hung for sedition, and his family would be held in a secure detention center until arrangements could made otherwise. Heartbroken and confused, Leon and his mother were jettisoned at a detention center outside then-called "Lopotevgrad". The diverse university education Leon was receiving in Europe drastically changed. Philosophy class turned to the daily regurgitation of socialist truisms; World History and Literature turned to carefully chosen, state-sanctioned lesson plans on cultural responsibility, citizenship, and the dangers of the West. Leon's grief and confusion quickly turned to rage and discontent with the people who ran the state-sponsored detention center, and he began to constantly talk-back and complain about the heavily doctored "school readings" given to him. Months passed, tensions grew, and Leon became hated by officials who ran the center. In early 2016, when news spread that "beloved leader" Gregori Lopotev was assassinated, Leon saw it as a great victory for the Chernarussian people, he began to swear and scream at the "teachers", guards, and officials in charge – they had lost, so they best give up and let him and his mother go! Strangely, the guards barely reacted to him, all they did was escort him into the detention room of the facility, he thought he heard one chuckle when they closed the door on him. That day was the last he had ever seen his mother. In the night he had been blindfolded, gagged, and brought to a remote prison camp deep in the Black Mountains. He had thought his previous situation was bad, but he had seen nothing yet. Years of forced labor and malnutrition awaited him. When the Frenzied Flu brought the total breakdown of law and order and the prison guards finally fled for their lives, Leon and the other inmates emerged from the mountains. Utterly broken – physically, mentally, morally. Nonetheless, he had heard many rumors and legends about people who were fighting to keep Chernarussians safe and to restore some sense of community. Some said they were all dead and gone, and that only bandits ruled now -- but Leon refused to lose hope. He wanted to learn to fight, help other survivors, and find out if his mother was still alive.
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