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  1. we made it


    1. TheBishop



    2. Niller


      70 now, get fragged

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      Congratulations mate! 
      Ya deserve it

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  2. This group was absolutely wonderful, it was an honor to run the brain-child of @Fallen_666sand @Niveouswith my co-leader @GreenySmiley A lot of great RP with all you wonderful people, everyone's storylines were engaging and compelling to follow along and see their development With that being said, all good things must come to an end. Please archive this group when possible. Thank you all... see you in Nyheim!
  3. Age: 23 Why do you want to volunteer for events?: I've thoroughly enjoyed the lore events that I've gotten to be a part of in the last couple months. The RP was engaging, detailed, and getting to follow along the course of events was a lot of fun. I also got to have some cool hostile interactions with buddies who volunteered to be in lore events (e.g. getting water-boarded by @Cor) and I'd love to be a part of the giving side of the hostile RP. I think it'd just be a lot of fun to get to be a part of events that will shape the course of the lore. What can you contribute wi
  4. This looks fucking awesome, goddamn I'm excited
  5. prep time


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      Denmark better.

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  7. I’m a bit late on this, but an enormous thank you [email protected] and @Bear hanging with Aslan and Damian & Kuba was so much fun, also a big ol thank you to @BeanSimp @PandaSimp @SimpJacob @KonoSimp @OkBuddySIMP @Dank Ninja(i cant rmbr Bo and Mal’s forum names) — I love all of you and your characters so much, and I’m truly grateful I got to see them on their last day in the Oblast.
  8. Hell yea! Rolling with Kato is a hell of a good time. thank you @Arthxryou were a wonderful hostage, and thank you to @[email protected] @[email protected]@RPShilofor being your wonderful selves @GreenySmileythank you for the wholesome co-leader chats, always fun talkin with ya
  9. Just updated my relations hello @Millie @Ghosty with an update for @Niveous

    1. Mugin



    2. Niveous


      Big Brother GIF by Big Brother Australia

  10. *A young Chernarussian man's voice would come over the radio, his voice is solemn and stern, trying to remain composed* "Ahoj, people of Cordis Aido, our friends, and associates. This is Leon Radek, I am a combat medic for the medical group known as Cordis Aido. Today, our beloved leader nurse Mary Davis was taken from us. She died of complications from severe internal bleeding, but––I assure you––she was at peace when it occurred, she was not in pain during her final moments. I would like to personally thank everyone involved in helping find her and her killer, you have done the w
  11. just updated my character relations a lil whatsup @KonoSimp

    1. KonoSimp


      Ur friends with the main character of DayzRP bro....

    2. SnowD


      Update mine again 

      *pulls shotgun*

      Not with bar anymore

  12. I had an absolutely killer time with you Inner Circle boys today. The torture RP was awesome, as always. Big shout out to all you lads @[email protected] @SynO @Jackfish @Benry. Can't wait to see where this all goes
  13. Had an absolutely fantastic time yesterday falling under the cruel yet forgiving gaze of the Storyteller @Stagsview on the hunt for unsuspecting roleplayers. Somehow Leon is alive, take that @Fallen_666s!!

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