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  1. Zachariah (Zach) Thompson was born to his father, a UK diplomat, and his Chernarussian mother, a weapons factory worker, on November 5th 1983 after his father had married her to allow her to escape the harsh living conditions of Soviet-occupied Chernarus. Growing up, Zach took a keen interest in the travel stories of his father and in the Soviet weapons his mother used to make, and excelled in physical activities. Following a successful volunteering stint for the UK Red Cross in his late teens as a paramedic, Zach signed up to the Royal Navy Marines to serve as a combat medic abroad, longing to help those in need and to see the world. In 2009, he would be dispatched to Chernarus by order of the UN Red Cross during the Chernarussian Civil War, selected due to his Chernarussian heritage and knowing how to speak Russian. Whilst stationed, Zach would witness some of the harshest fighting of the war, witnessing many atrocities being committed by the Democratic Chernarussian Republic and a general apathy of their soldiers to follow the Geneva Conventions. With his faith in the UN shattered as well as the refusal of many Chernarussian Movement of the Red Star insurgents refusing help from a 'dirty Westerner', Zach felt like a soldier without a cause and his psyche began to break. Towards the end of the war, Zach would come to meet a small local militia of ChDkz in Chernarus who would value his medical expertise in the field more than any groups he had met in the months he had been there, and he felt as if he finally had a place. Zach would slowly become indoctrinated into rejecting Western Capitalism and embracing Communism given that the UN were allowing these atrocities to continue and his personal doctrine of helping his fellow man without needing personal gain aligned nicely with this view. The militia, impressed with his skills and his newfound purpose would recommend him to Ratko Brankovic of the Chernoruska Komunisticka Fronta (CKF). Ratko, though cautious of a Westerner being inducted into their ranks, reluctantly inducted him into their ranks noting his unwavering allegiance and the medical skills required for the CKF to be able to accept long-term contracts. In the time leading up to the outbreak of the Frenzied Flu, Zach accompanied the CKF on their contracts throughout the Middle East, but as time went on his mental state would deteriorate even more. Although capable of holding it together, the violence he would witness from various Middle Eastern insurgents would eventually wear him down. He became desensitized to and, in time, fascinated with pain, which would trouble his brothers in arms. When treating a fellow PMC for a gunshot wound to his thigh, he suddenly felt entranced and rather than immediately removing the bullet, he began moving it around, causing the soldier unbearable pain. For the pain he had caused his comrade in arms, Zach was branded with a plus sign brand on his upper left arm using a hot metal iron to remind him of his purpose to free his brothers from pain, not cause it. The horrifying 8 years of private contracting as well as this event would eventually lead to him developing mild PTSD. When the outbreak of the Frenzied Flu began, the CKF were contracted by the Russian government to help set up Nightingale hospitals for suspected but unconfirmed infected patients, quarantine enforcement, riot suppression and the dispatch/disposal of infected individuals. Zach, seeing this as an opportunity to help the many, decided to operate one of these hospitals, decided to suspend his duties to the CKF, much to their disappointment. He used the opportunity to study the development of Frenzied Flu on infected patients but became increasingly tiresome of this task as patients began to feel less and less pain as the illness progressed. With many of his patients being deemed well enough to return home by the Chernarussian government, Zach returned to the CKF at the end of March 2020 to assist them in their government contracts following the closure of his temporary hospital. In the months that would follow, the infected would begin to become increasingly violent and more numerous, putting increasing strain on both government and private militaries to keep the peace. The CKF suffered heavy losses from the violence with many casualties and desertions, leading to Zach's promotion to one of Brankovic's lieutenants. With control of the infected lost by the summer of 2020, the CKF leadership began to sever their their previous contracts and find a place to hunker down and ride out the pandemic. Zach, believing the dream of the pandemic ending to be foolish due to what he'd seen in the temporary hospitals, reluctantly agreed to the plans due to a lack of alternative proposals. To survive as the state of the country was progressively worsening, the CKF began participating in increasingly nefarious deeds, disillusioning Zach as it went against everything he believed in. In December 2020, on the verge of ending his own contradictory life, he gained a sense of relief when Brankovic finally agreed that all hope was lost. The remaining company made plans to steal two MI-8 helicopters so that they could evacuate back across the South Zagorian border towards Zelenegorsk to a place which Brankovic simply labelled 'home'. The plan was a success, however it would not last long as the helicopters carrying the CKF experienced failures, and Zach, along with other CKF members, either jumped from the vehicles or died upon impact. Zach, surviving the ordeal, began laughing in hysterics knowing that survival would be almost impossible now and that his pained existence was leading to nothing. The remaining survivors reprimanded him for laughing at such a time, calling him a sadist for relishing in his pain and the deaths of many of his remaining allies. This struck a chord with Zach, as deep down he realized they were right, but in that moment he had an epiphany: He had only ever enjoyed the pain of those that were causing lots of it themselves, hence his adverse reaction to the situation at hand. The remaining members felt it best to leave 'The Sadist' alone for a while. Zach liked this new moniker he had been assigned as it felt his new world view, that to make up for his past atrocities, he now had an opportunity to rid the landscape of the most atrocious people: The infected that laid waste to the world. But soon he would find that they were nothing compared to the remaining survivors. Thus, 'The Sadist' wanted to make himself known to all those horrible people, but still sticks to his doctrine to help those honest few who seek it. Zach is a cautious pessimist who only expects the worst in those they meet, so is very pleasantly surprised around the few remaining friendlies. He will offer assistance to those that ask it provided they aren't being asked to hurt or otherwise distress another innocent. He is also however hell-bent on seeing those that inflict pain suffer the worst pain possible, often going to unnecessary lengths to do so. Zach is a Communist, but unlike his brethren in the company he will not act hostile to anyone of a different political stance unless they unequivocally despise his views with no chance of reasonable discussion. Zach believes having faith in a purpose grander than one's self is important and will as such not discriminate against anyone based on religion, though will be hostile to those who have no direction in their post-apocalyptic life. Zach has a fragile psychology. To the unassuming and those who have done nothing to wrong him he will otherwise appear as an average survivor. His mental state will rapidly change however when he sees unnecessary, excessive violence. He is however a realist and understands the way some things must be and will be calm if taken hostage, at least until threatened with violence. Zach has a high sense of retribution and relishes in taking wrongdoers hostage where possible so he can torture them to make them feel the pain of their victims.
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