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  1. I, Paulb hereby agree to follow the DayZRP Staff Agreement Version 6 in its current form.
  2. If its not working make sure to check internet connection (specially if you are on WiFi) not being playing fun with you. Looks like this one is also often the issue that causes this error. But for that would be best some connection monitoring app. If its not working and you would want to try this option but not sure how, im available in the evening.
  3. PaulB


    Greetings Kenny S, We do not have "separate" discord server for public server. Only available is the one you can reach from the main website. Or you can try the link posted above.
  4. I, PaulB hereby agree to follow the DayZRP Staff Agreement Version 5 in its current form.
  5. Greetings Qwch, a diary itself is not available in game, yet you have some options how to supplement this missing feature. As you mentioned, you have of course the possibility to write notes on blank paper sheets, which can be acquired for example by unboxing ammo boxes. To the question itself. For me, the best option in my opinion would be making a journal here where you can even get some nice graphics like sketches, photos, maps and everything for it. If you wish, you can have a paper on you with note "Gwch´s journal, look at forum".
  6. I mean @Lettuce @Bumblebee @Ron @Terrathe RP Queens. Thank you for yeasterdays game. Laughed too hard. Especially during the therapy session i wittnesed. @DrMax and others present + people that visited our place thank you too no less! Exactly why it is great to play.
  7. This error comes often with "Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributables" try to install these first (newest) if you did not until now.
  8. Pavel Orlov was born at 07.07.1989 in Petrozavodsk, Russia to a family of a local politician that was very loyal to a current regime following the government of Vladimir Putin. His father although believed that the regime was the best at hand for the people yet often made decisions supporting the people itself and to satisfy the government without going into clinch with the higher authorities. Not taking bribes but due to the huge support from people in Petrozavodsk he managed to stay in the chair for many years. Pavel, after studying as an electrician, decided to join the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation in a hope to support the ideas of his father. He was not the same as his father as he believed even sacrifices have to be made to support the goals for greater good. At the start of the conscript program in the Russian army, he was showing himself as a great promise for a future officer ranks, but this never happened as with more years of service some steps of the high ranking officers and the government have not been justified in his eyes. Few times expressing himself loud about his discontent that almost lead to his farewell from the army. After spreading of the virus few years after where government decided to push civilians aside he voiced his opinion to an officer polkovnik Petr Zavarev which was friend of his father at his yearly visit in fathers house. He was very loud even knowing he could be released from the army or worse standing army trial for that. What followed he did not expected. Polkovnik Zavarev shared the opinion about discontent of the current state of the army with Pavel and said that soon there might be chances leaving Pavel with that. Surprisingly, Pavel did exactly that. In 2020, he was at the visit of polkovnik Zavarev in fathers house introduced to Kompaniya Severnaya Zvezda and some of their representatives firmly introducing him into the "problematic" and have been told to stay within the ranks of Russian army until being called out. Pavel was part of the 1st Guard tank Army forces Invading Ukraine. As that happened, he has been told to desert from the army and send to join Kompaniya Severnaya Zvezda to support the medical team in Norway. His father being dead one year prior to this and without any other relatives, he decided to follow, this order and deserting leaving his dog tags at one of mutilated corpses of Russian soldier beyond recognition during the Ukraine invasion and making his way towards Norway.
  9. Pavel Černý was born in Varnsdorf Czech Republic on 07.07.1985 and lived a regular live without any major twists. Educated in business being a sales worker climbing his ranks in the company of security software up to sales manager. This kind of jobs might make your life stressful working from dusk till dawn as for that for relieving himself from stress he used to go hunting and fishing leaving the modern world few times in a year behind. As for hunting, he had it very close to weapons and even joined active reserve of Czech Army. In 2019, it was the year after a very stressful year in his company going through crisis, but they managed to go through and as for that he was looking for once again a mighty hunting and fishing trip. Thanks to his job he had many people around the world and Norway was no different. Once while having some business talk with one of the colleague from Norway in Nyheim he mentioned to his colleague for looking after proper spot for his hunting and fishing trip. His colleague mention having a cabin in the forest near Nyheim offering him borrowing his cabin and doing all clearances of the permits. Pavel would agree, excited as the Northern countries have been one of the location he always wanted to visit. Everything went great, nature, huge fishes and hunting spots. Could it ever go wrong? Well, of course it could, and it turned crap the worst way possible. Being allowed to stay for a whole year shortly after his arrival first spreading of virus occurred thinking of it being short flue issue he stayed even received offering to stay at the colleague's company, and he would accept this offer seeing it being great opportunity. All the rest you know. It went really fast and the country went to lockdown in the end. Pavel decided to leave main part of the city to live outside the walls even though inside it was safe the restrictions have been too much to accept. Hunting, trading, it was his new life. Maybe lonely, but it was free away from PLIKT and everything. Until one day after returning from a hunting trip he got ambushed by a group of people, getting robbed and have been left to die. He managed to survive, and now he stands here, will he survive?
  10. Time to return..nice. Lookig forward to this.
  11. We are still out there....somewhere, in our hearts, in our minds 


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