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  1. Well IC´ly it makes sense. Never had problems to find most of the animals like everywhere. For the wolves and bears well that would make sense as well. Not sure if it's not going to be too harsh for freshspawn. Many stuff does not make sense based on logic but makes balance for the game.
  2. I am +1 on this, although there needs to be more to it. As with current traders settings, it will turn the old ways really quickly. It might be needed for the new patch though, who knows.
  3. Absolutely no idea what character to play.

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  4. Is it looking good? It is, does it have updates? It has. Im down for this. Having off roads like vehicles is nice idea.
  5. Počátek - The Beginning Veroslav was born in the middle of woods near Dobroe into a pagan family with a long history of healers, quackery, and witchcraft. The presence of old ones was almost touchable in his presence. Thanks to the northern location near the borders surrounded by deep woods and mountains, the pagans could live in relative peace without many issues from the orthodox religion. Many small villages around the borders have kept the pagan religion. Veroslav´s mother Katerina was a white witch making family living through healing skills, making salvages and potions, disposi
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    Greetings @Jonas, Please follow this guide Point 2: If not working hit me with DM. We will find something to help you.
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  8. Special man deserves special bday so

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  9. It was a blast from the start till the grand finale. Huge twists with tears on my face at the end. Thank you, everyone who has partaken in this train of a hard ride as it was difficult at many points. Everyone who was here, no matter how long, you left a mark that helped to make the entire picture. No matter if friends, foes, allies or random encounters without you, this could not happen. Big THANK YOU to everyone although i have to make some special thanks. @Hofer - I have offered you help with translations at the start before new lore. CLF was kind of dream for me since the Arma MOD da
  10. Do i like the amount of those weapons and ammunition because of the trader? Mmmm no i don't. For me there is a lot of more immersion breaking stuff so the weapons are the smaller evil imo but one of the easily removable one.
  11. Welcome to the community Sir! Hope you will enjoy your stay. Stay safe and healthy by yourself and those around you!
  12. We had DayZRP server for PS4. For the lack of interest the server has been shut down, and we don't see to bring it back. / Also moved from Newcomers to questions.
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