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  1. André Krevchec, Born February 15th 1991, Belozersk. Born during a time of social instability, André had a tough time fitting into society, mostly because he was never around large amounts of people during his younger years as his father was a hunter by trade and often took André with him to the mountains to hunt game, As written in his diary he fondly remembers his first game "There I stood, no longer a boy but a man, on top of my own world after hunting my first deer with father." The war period took everything from André, even in those short months he lost all that was truely dear to him, his father lost his life in the Moscow bombing during which he was in Moscow for the reunion of his old army company. His wife died during the end of the war by being in the wrong place, at the wrong time. His mother returned to Romania after the death of his father, where she lives her time out till this day, but André couldnt leave, the forest called his name and he found peace in the sounds of the trees. Now, during these hostile times, André roams the countryside looking for new game to hunt, it being a deer, or any unlucky troublemaker looking for a fight. Patrolled Hunting grounds; Belozersk Forrests. Burnaya Rivers. Lake Beloe. Southern Black mountains. André ran into a duo while moving towards Miroslavl, up until that point he had been rolling alone, but after a good conversation by the fire he had decided to put his own goals aside and join their efforts.
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