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  1. Tobias was the kind of kid that collected any animal he could fit in a container and kept them as pets. Although most of these poor creatures died, he learnt a lot about their biology. By the time he graduated from university, he had also developed a passion for hiking and bush crafting. He went hiking almost every summer during his studies and usually spent up to a week living on the trails and sleeping in shelters. After about a year he acquired himself a Ph.D. position at a danish university, cooperating with a university in Russia. The purpose of the program was to study the behavior and metabolism of eurasian brown bears during hibernation. Therefore, he was sent on an expedition in Russia, along with the necessary staff for guiding, protection, repairs and so on. Russia had just recently opened her borders, so the timing was perfect! However, it was during this expedition that the frenzy flu got out of hand. At first the rumors didn’t concern the group all too much. The research was going so well, that the bear population of Chernarus had been approved as part of the Ph.D. program. Since they were already close to the border and funding was low, the group headed for Chernarus through the Black mountains. A few days in they were hit by a violent storm causing Tobias to become separated from the rest of the expedition. By relying on the knowledge, he recently gained about survival in the Russian environment, he made it through the mountains eventually. However, South Zagoria wasn’t quite like he had read in those brochures for tourists anymore..
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