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  1. Brad Holman was born on January 21, 1989 in the great state of Alaska. He grew up learning how to hunt, fish and survive the harsh conditions of the state. While growing up he aspired to be a law enforcement officer and help out this community. He eventually joined the force at 21 years old and served his community for 8 years. He later retired and went back to his roots of hunting and fishing. For half a year he took hunters into the wilderness to find their dream Moose or Bear. These hunting experiences made Brad dream of his own. He made some calls and got a chance to go to Russia for a bear hunt in January-February of 2018. He took some time off and bought a plane ticket to Chernarus where his journey would begin. What he did not know was in December there was an outbreak of the common flu that had mutated into an extremely contagious virus. Although the risk of death was low, Brad's hunting plan had been canceled by his guide without Brad knowing, and when he landed in Chernarus he was without a guide for his trip. He decided to make the most of it and sought out a new guide, and after he couldn't find one to take him tried his luck at the bear hunt alone. He set out on January 30th and had enough supplies to hold him a week out in the wilderness. He Sadly came up empty handed in his search for a bear and came back to civilization. But when he came back to the city things had been shut down and a quarantine had been placed on Chernarus. Brad Holman was officially stuck in Russia.
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