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  1. Christian Teller was born on December 15th 1999 but grew up quickly after the death of his mother Jessica Teller at the age of nine. His dad Paul Teller was a horrible drunk after his wife's death and beat on him because of it. After years of abuse he found his dad had hung himself while he was at his graduation of high school in 2017 and immediately travelled to Russia to study abroad in Moscow but was quickly fascinated with the military so he dropped out and enlisted into the military, he quickly moved up the ranks and became an Intelligence Directorate. After the small pandemic of 2018 in Turkey he retired and bought a home in Saint Petersburg. He later ran into some trouble with the Russian mafia and his house was burned to the ground and he lost everything and needed to get away so he moved to Chernarus and lived a very conservative and lonely lifestyle almost driving him crazy but he managed to maintain his sanity. Once the outbreak of 2019 happened he took his M16 and his Military Knife and looked for supplies before things got too scarce.
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