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  1. @Snow_I had blast yesterday! Sorry I left so randomly but I had PC issues
  2. Born in the Portuguese tallest continental mountain José always loved nature and outdoors, more then he did school. He was never a brilliant student and didn't like to help out in the family farm either. He dreamed of further lands and different cultures. Even though it was never his plan he finished high school and tried to get in college but failed. As a consequence his father forced him to work on the family farm since he also failed to find a job 2 years after he failed to join college. After many years working in his small village the pandemic hit Portugal. He was devastated because he felt that he missed his chance of traveling, specially after all those years saving money, buying new camping gear and going out on small solo expeditions to the mountain to gain experience. Good news finally arrived when the situation finally seemed to get better. He didn't blink twice and packed his big bag and started backpacking across Europe. After many adventures through Europe and working one month in Poland to save money for his Russian visa José finally entered Russia. He explored and wild camped his way to the Chernarus.
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