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  1. Definitely loving this concept. I am excited to run into you all since we're looking for "ways" out - eventually. Great stuff.
  2. All I can remember, other than the goat himself Mr. @Woody is this - You all captivated the true meaning of what a HUB should be. You provided a temporary home for all new players and old looking for help after recently recently recovering from being knocked out. I was only here for about 6 months of your activity as a group, but during those 6 months the bar was consistent in the roleplay provided and the support they gave. Cheers to all of you for your work in keeping this alive for so long. This group will not be easily forgotten.
  3. Good as it's gonna get tonight.

  4. Gonna be great, really great haha. The bar is set high, but I think we're pretty athletic I know it's a shitty joke @Hofer Thank you though SunnyD (@SnowD) look forward to seeing you out there bud.
  5. In the meantime enjoy the wrap up from @Fumbles79:


  6. I think I will revamp my profile tonight.

  7. I foresee many of a crusade for your Aersk medical containers haha. I know you mentioned making a religion last night, but turned out cooler than I imagined (no offense). Great work, and the tie in with medical and religion - it is definitely a dark take if you know the history with modern medicine and Christianity. Love it.
  8. All the trade - New NPC trader policy is going to help bring trading groups a purpose. So you'll be seeing more I'm sure! Thanks man! We're looking forward to getting out there ourselves, but same to you and your group! Much appreciated, definitely some creative genius inside this group. Excited to show it in less than a week now Thanks on the graphics, learned a lot from my past leaders on DayZRP - on how to make graphics look clean. I'm sure you'll see us out there. Sorry for the delay in response to all of you. I was watching the Expanse l
  9. It was definitely a group effort on coming up with the - company religion part - which I think is going to be our unique flare when compared to other potential trading companies in Nyheim. Thanks for your kind words though! If you don't know Maersk is a Danish shipping company and actually the largest in the world. So we took that IRL info and ran with what it would be in Flade Lande in 2071. Their stuff would be everywhere, and could easily become a holy grail of sorts in a post apocalyptic world. So there you have the Aersk religion - all built around business and corporate society now
  10. Thank you. Trust me we are hyped over here. Time will tell how long we are in Nyheim, but somethings might be uh "slowed" intentionally if we're enjoying the Roleplay we're able to provide but also receive with this group. Preciate that! Again time will tell, much like the cliffhanger at the end of the lore. Our possibilities are endless and we set up our goals for a quick escape or a slow grind - depending on how we enjoy it but also the feedback we receive post launch.
  11. Yeah man! One of many I'm sure with the new NPC traders. Hope to offer a unique perspective on a trading group in 2071, many years after the collapse of the civilized world. I think fellow Roleplayers will be extremely shocked and pleased with how we RP our characters.
  12. Hey brother I appreciate those words! We are excited to bring a chaotic neutral faction/religion combined with a trading group to the server. Look forward to seeing you in game.
  13. Hey man I appreciate that and I know the group does too. I can't promise you prices yet, haha but we will get it worked out once we have an individual grasp on the amount of goods in the area haha. For you it will always be + 200 Krone
  14. Deny your Deny. In all seriousness thanks for checking the boxes and for the +1. I spent these last few minutes answering DMs thanks to this lmfao. Well done sir, well done.
  15. Preciate the +1 - we look forward to it.
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